Editorial by John Ziegler

JZ's Proposed Amendment to the State Constitution


In light of the proposal in the state legislature to lower the voting age to 14 in the state of California, I have my own proposed amendment to the Constitution with regard to voting rights.

Here it is...

Whereas the sad condition of our state has shown the people of the state to be either unwilling or unable to vote in an intelligent and responsible manner and the politicians unable to keep from pandering to stupid and uninformed voters, the following additional requirements must be met in order to be allowed to vote.

-- The citizen must have paid taxes (filed a state or federal tax return in which some taxes were paid, or produced a current paycheck with taxes withheld) in either the year of said election or year before said election, or the citizen must be married (or in a domestic partnership) with someone who has, or must have served with honor in the United States military.

-- The citizen must be willing and able to pass a short, simple, multiple choice, civics test at some point during the current election year.

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