Editorial by John Ziegler

Ronald Reagan, A Man Of Contradiction and Paradox


Some of the apparent contradictions of the amazing and complex life of Ronald Reagan...

Ronald Reagan was not a perfect of extraordinary man, but one who made a greater impact on the world than anyone else in his era.

He was a man not liked by everyone, but who was beloved by most, even by many of his political enemies.

He was an extremely conservative man, especially later in life, who used words and rhetoric that would be considerred "divisive" today, but was also one who appealed to members of the opposing political party better than anyone ever has.

He was a man who never served or went to war, but who became a champion of the military adored by those who did.

He was once President of a major union, but who sent a message about what kind of President he would be by breaking one.

He was a man known completely by few, but known well by all.

He was a man who made a very personal connection with millions of Americans, yet a man who was distant to members of his own family.

He was not a brilliant man, but one who has been shown to have been right on almost every major issue of his times.

He was a man who was often underestimated because of his kind and gentle demenaor, but a mna who crushed communism without firing a shot.

He was a man who was the only divorced President in our nations history, but who may have also have been by far the most devoted husband of all our Presidents.

A man who grew up in Illinois, but who has become know as the consummate California.

A man who was a B movie actor by trade who often mixed fact and fiction even in his political life, but who was somehow known best for his honesty and sincerity.

No one understood the importance of the symbolic nature of the Presidency than Ronald Reagan and no one played the role better than he did.


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