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JZ's Top Ten Reasons Fox's Bill O'Reilly Is A Fraud


JZ's Top Ten Reasons Fox's Bill O'Reilly Is A Fraud

10. He used to be a tabloid reporter for Inside Edition, which means the man who claims to only tell the truth used to regularly tell stories he knew probably weren't true because he couldn't get a better gig.

9. He reads at least two letters at the end of almost every show with one complaining he is too far left and the other saying he is too far right, as if, assuming the letters are even real, what two nitwits in Iowa think prove that he is somehow "Fair and Balanced."

8. He claims to not be driven by ideology in his opinions, as if that is somehow noble. What really drives his opinions is what he thinks will get him the best ratings and create the impression that he is an "independent."

7. Whenever someone calls him on the "independent" baloney, he claims that the best way to get ratings is by catering to partisans on each side, which in TV is not actually true. No totally conservative TV show has ever made it long term.

6. He rips "right wing" radio and yet he hosts a radio show that is carried by some of the most blindly right wing stations in the country.

5. He is an egomaniac and bully who appears to be delusional about his own importance.

4. He is far more concerned with selling books than his causes, which would be fine if he didn't claim to always be "looking out for the folks."

3. He regularly says things that are not true (including about his own history) and then rips and distorts those who point out when he lies.

2. He often expresses outrage over sexual content and then makes sure that the sexiest video possible runs all over the segment using the very thing he is "outraged" over to get better ratings. This from a guy who wrote a novel that had clearly pornographic elements.

1. His highly self-touted interview with Michael Moore was a joke. He not only absurdly agreed to not ask him about his movie, but then let him define the terms of the interview and got waxed.

1A. He has never invited me on his show.

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