Editorial by John Ziegler

My Top 10 Grievances With President Bush


My Top 10 Grievances With President Bush

10. His administration fighting, instead of supporting, a lawsuit by college wrestling coaches that claimed (rightly) that Title 9 is being misinterpreted and enforced in a manner that is discriminatory towards men.

9. Allowing people who don't pay income taxes to get a 'refund' because he was afraid that he would get called names by the liberal media and not been seen as a 'compassionate conservative.'

8. Saying during the 2000 campaign that he would never sign a campaign finance reform bill that had any of six provisions in it and then signing one that had all six.

7. Not fighting for all of his judicial nominees who were filibustered inappropriately by the Democrats in the Senate.

6. Publicly stating that the 2003 Supreme Court decision on affirmative action at the University of Michigan was a good one, even though it actually strengthened affirmative action, which he claims to be against.

5. Not strengthening the border with Mexico, even while claiming that fighting terrorism is the strong point of his Presidency and telling the parents (twice) of Deputy David March who was killed by an illegal who fled back to Mexico where he is being protected by the government there that, 'We have to get this guy,' and then not lifting a finger to do so.

4. Spending more money than any administration in history and actually creating a brand new entitlement program with a Medicare prescription drug plan that no one seems to even want.

3. Allowing the tail to wag the dog in Iraq by handing over sovereignty before Fallouja and Najaf were ready to be governed, all because he was afraid of missing a random deadline.

2. Not being tougher on Saudi Arabia in general and having gasoline prices skyrocket still over a year after removing Saddam Hussein from power.

1. Not finding Usama bin Laden.

1A. Strongly implying that God is directing him on the war on terror.

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