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Why I Am Now An "Undecided Voter" In the Presidential Race


Why I am an 'undecided voter' in the Presidential Race

As anyone who has listened to my radio show knows, I feel VERY strongly that the country would be MUCH better off if President Bush defeated Senator Kerry. I believe this more today than I ever have. However, I am no longer convinced that I myself will be voting for George W. Bush for President.

The reasons for my sudden indecision are many and are articulated in another editorial on this website entitled 'My Top 10 Grievances With President Bush.' The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back was the answer that the President gave to Bill O'Reilly when asked about the increasing problem of illegal immigration. Bush's dismissive, condescending, delusional, and deceitful answer suddenly made me realize that he doesn't give a damn about me or people like me in Southern California. He is not only making ZERO effort to try to will this state, it appears that he is pissing all over us in an attempt to make potential gains (or at least stave off possible losses) elsewhere. I suddenly asked myself the question, 'If he doesn't want my vote, why should I give it to him'?

If I lived in a 'swing state' where Kerry could actually be defeated I would certainly bite the bullet and vote without hesitation for Bush in an effort to keep Kerry out of the White House. But it is now clear that California is not in play and neither Bush nor Governor Schwarzenegger appear to be even trying to do anything about changing that. So clearly my vote is meaningless in the Electoral College and I am now left with what appear to be very limited reasons to vote for President Bush.

So, I am left with trying to decide how I can best express my opposition to what I see as the two main options in this Presidential campaign. I am most certainly not going to vote for Kerry or Nader, and I am not the type that will just stay home. I could leave the Presidential ballot blank, but that never gets reported and may not even get registered. That leaves either the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party candidates. While I strongly disagree with both of those candidates on some of the issues, that is pretty much irrelevant because they have no chance of winning. It is not like a vote for either will suddenly much us more likely to pull out of Iraq.

There is one aspect of the situation that does give me pause. While the popular vote is technically immaterial, the liberals and their friends in the news media have tried to make that an issue. Theoretically that means that, in some very small way, each vote 'counts.' However, I believe that Bush will win the popular vote regardless of what I (as well as anyone who might like the idea and do the same) do with my vote. I do, however, acknowledge that this is a legitimate concern and it is the main reason that I am still holding out the possibility that I may still vote for President Bush.

Please keep in mind that this thinking is only 'valid' for California voters. Those of you in other states are most certainly NOT released from you 'obligation' to hold your nose and vote for the President's reelection. Your thoughts and suggestions on my quandary are more than welcome.

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