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The Top Ten Reasons Why John Kerry Should Not Be President


The Top Ten Reasons Why John Kerry Should Not Be President

While the election is still to be won or lost, it now appears increasingly possible that Americans may indeed do the 'unthinkable' and actually elect John Kerry to be the next President of the United States. While there are MANY reasons not to vote to reelect President Bush, the case against allowing John Kerry the opportunity to the leader of the 'Free World' is FAR more compelling.

While the mainstream news media has made it abundantly clear that they are not going to let the average American voter know about the real John Kerry, here are just ten (in no particular order) of the indisputable FACTS that every voter should know about before they head into the polling booth. In my opinion, EACH one of these should disqualify ANYONE from being President, especially in a post-9/11 world.

-- The candidate who says that we need to pass a 'Global Test' before using military force and who said in his first congressional campaign that the United Nations should have 'veto' power of the use of U.S. force, was almost alone in voting AGAINST the FIRST Gulf War, despite the strongest coalition ever assembled and full U.N. support.

-- Kerry has clearly radically altered his position on the second Iraq war on numerous occasions. As dangerous as such an inability to make up one's mind on such an important issue in such uncertain times is, Kerry's constant waffling is greatly exacerbated by the fact that it was obviously caused not by a sudden change in conviction, but rather because of the shifting political winds caused by the Howard Dean candidacy and the news accounts of a seemingly deteriorating situation on the ground in Iraq. The fact that he is now being allowed to lie about having flip-flopped on Iraq only puts the exclamation point on why this reality should be devastating to his candidacy.

-- The man who has made his medal-winning four months in Vietnam a centerpiece of his campaign, accused (without evidence) fellow vets of war crimes and met with the enemy (which still honors him today with a photo in their war museum) in Paris while the war was still going on. He also essentially now admits to lying on the Senate floor in 1986 when he claimed to be illegally in Cambodia in Christmas of 1968. Incredibly, Kerry has not been forced to answer any questions about any of these well-documented episodes.

-- He has tried desperately to get out of his vote for the Iraq war by lamely claiming (despite numerous statements at the time to the contrary) that his vote was just to allow the President to THREATEN force as a bargaining chip. What Kerry has done here is not only incredibly disingenuous, it has destroyed the credibility of any future pro-war vote in the Senate because any prospective enemy has now been publicly told, 'don't concern yourself with such a vote, it is just a bluff.' Here Kerry has not only lied, but he has put his own election far ahead of the long-term best interest of the United States. This is systematic of his entire campaign that has been predicated on things going poorly and Americans dying in Iraq, a cause that was furthered by Kerry surrogates like Ted Kennedy who on numerous occasions made statements that could easily be construed as providing aid and comfort to the insurgency.

-- The man who has sold his entire plan for 'victory' in Iraq on the presumption of his being such a superior 'Diplomat' that he will be able to persuade our allies to share more of the burden, has gone out of his way to insult the allies that have put their neck on the line by calling them the coalition of the 'coerced and the bribed.' As the President has asked during the debates (in one his rare spurts of inspiration), how can he convince anyone to join us for what he has demeaned as a 'grand diversion'? Even if he could do what no one seriously thinks is possible, how exactly was John Kerry proving what a great diplomat he was when he personally ridiculed and discredited Iraq's lone hero, interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, just moments after he addressed a joint meeting of Congress?

-- When John Kerry made his most important appointment of the campaign, he chose John Edwards as his Vice Presidential candidate. Edwards, whose credentials to be President where ridiculed by Kerry during the Democratic Primaries, is FAR less qualified than Dan Quayle was in 1988. Kerry made his choice for who could a 'heartbeat' away from the Presidency based seemingly on little more than Edwards? charming good looks. Making his choice on such a trivial basis would have been reprehensible BEFORE 9/11, but afterwards it should be completely unacceptable. This is true without even considering Edwards despicable tenure as a plaintiffs attorney who specialty was suing doctors for causing a disease (cerebral palsy) that is genetic by convincing jurors that he was 'channeling' the either dead or unborn stricken child. After seeing his choice of Edwards, how can Kerry be trusted to replace Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Tom Ridge, or Donald Rumsfeld?

-- Kerry's Tax plan, created for pure political pandering by dividing the country through class warfare, is not only morally corrupt, it is based on numbers that even with Kerry's unrealistic expectations don't come close to adding up with the rest of his liberal agenda. His assertion at the second debate that 'after looking at the people in this crowd,' only three of the attendees (himself, Bush and the moderator) would ever be impacted by the increase in taxes on those making more than $200,000 year was both insulting and ludicrous. It revealed Kerry as being both an elitist snob and someone who is insensitive to the plight of working moms whose second income often puts a household into the realm of those who would be forced to pay an even greater portion of the tax burden than they already do (unless they are like Kerry himself and manage to make millions while somehow only paying a 12% tax rate). Kerry's plan is not only immoral and doesn't add up, it also punishes achievement and will destroy job creation (supposedly his ultimate goal) because discretionary spending will be radically stifled and small businesses will be even further overtaxed.

-- Kerry has been embarrassing in his desperate and deceitful pandering to African Americans for the purposes of creating racial hatred and division. African Americans should be insulted and every American should be outraged at the way Kerry and his surrogates have lied about what happened during the 2000 election in Florida. Kerry continually claims in front of black audiences that he will not allow a repeat of the 'one million disenfranchised black voters.' If this outrageous allegation was remotely true, or if Kerry (or anyone else) provided a shred of evidence to support his highly inflammatory and serious charge, it would certainly be a VERY legitimate campaign issue, but the reality is that is not close to being the case.

If in 2000 there were REALLY one million 'disenfranchised' black voters in America, how come we don't know the name of ONE person who was not allowed to vote because of their race? When I confronted the author of a book on this issue while on the 'Dennis Miller Show,' all she could come up with was the sister of Al Gore's campaign manager claiming she was forced to show three forms of ID before being allowed to vote. An even more perplexing fact for those who continue to lie about blacks not being allowed to vote in Florida (and the news media that lets them get away with it) is that the black turnout there in 2000 was an extraordinary 50% HIGHER than it was in 1996 when Bill Clinton (the supposedly 'First Black President') was on the ballot.

-- Along the same lines, Kerry said to BET that he has 'engaged in Affirmative Action' in his hiring of blacks during his career. Apparently Kerry believes that the ONLY way a black person could/should be hired is through Affirmative Action. If such an offensive statement had been made by a Republican would have been thoroughly examined for indicating a potentially racist mindset. Because a liberal Democrat made them, he was allowed to get away with it with the vast majority of blacks and 99.9 % of whites having no idea it ever even happened.

-- In the second debate Kerry mocked the President for straddling the stem cell issue because his stance implies that it is okay to destroy some life in some circumstances. If this was just a distortion of the President's view (the stem cells that he made available for research were never going to become 'life') that would just be politics as usual. However, during the same debate where he chastised Bush for his being too 'wishy washy' on 'life,' Kerry proudly stated that he is a Catholic who believes that life begins at CONCEPTION but who, because he can not allow his religious beliefs to impact his public stances, also believes that poor women have a 'Constitutional Right' to have their abortions paid for by the government. During the very same week, in a black church, Kerry contradicted his 'keep religion about of politics' claim by saying, 'faith without works is dead.' How can anyone have any idea what John Kerry really believes about ANYTHING when he continually takes both sides of even the most important and fundamental issues of our time?

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