Editorial by John Ziegler

Questions John Kerry Has Not Been Asked During the Campaign


Amazingly John Kerry is on the verge of perhaps being the next President without having to even TRY to answer numerous legitimate and important questions. While the election for John Kerry would be disturbing based on principle alone, it is even more so when it may happen with the vast majority of Americans having no idea who he is and with the news media allowing him to slide by without ever facing any remotely tough challenges. Here are just a few of the questions that John Kerry has never been asked during this campaign.

Where were you on Christmas of 1968? If you weren't in Cambodia, why did you say you were on the floor of the Senate and that this moment was seared in your memory?

What atrocities did you commit in Vietnam?

What impact do you think your anti-war protest had on POWs and fellow Vets?

Why did you write in your journal that you had never been under fired AFTER you had already applied for a purple heart?

What happened during your Paris meetings with the North Vietnamese while the war was still going on?

Why didn't you take the free airtime Sinclair offered you to respond to their broadcast on your post-Vietnam activities?

Why don't you think they have the right to broadcast the documentary 'Stolen Honor'?

Why haven't you signed the form to allow all of your military records released to the public?

Why did Bob Dole and Barry Goldwater resign from the Senate to run for President, while you and John Edwards have not?

Why were you so sure that no one in the second debate audience could possibly make $200,000 a year, even jointly with a spouse?

Why did you and John Edwards both mention Mary Cheney's homosexuality during the debates when the questions had nothing to do with her?

Where in the Constitution is a woman's 'right' to a federally funded abortion?

How can you simultaneously say that your 'faith' can't influence your political views and that faith without works is dead and that your faith influences everything you do?

Why did you vote against the first Gulf War? Why did that war not pass your ?Global Test??

Can you please explain how your vote for the second Iraq War was simply to provide a bargaining chip, when your numerous statements for years prior to the vote indicate that was clearly not the case?

Why should any future pro-war vote in the Senate not be taken less seriously by prospective enemies thanks to your explanation of your vote?

What evidence is there that one million black voters were disenfranchised in 2000?

If that charge is not true, as two federal investigations have concluded, does it not create and exacerbate the divisions in this country that you constantly decry and blame the President for?

What evidence is there that a second Bush Administration would impose a draft or raid social security?

How was it exactly that the President caused the national and political unity to be destroyed post 9/11 and why don't the Democrats deserve a lot of criticism for that happening?

Do you believe that General Tommy Franks, when he says you are dead wrong about what happened in Tora Bora in the pursuit of Usama bin Laden, that he is lying?

Do you believe that when John Edwards was channeling unborn children as a trial lawyer suing doctors that he was lying in order to exploit the emotions of the juries to get more money from them, or that he really has this ability?

Do you agree with Senator Edwards that if you had been President instead of Bush that Christopher Reeve would have walked instead of died?

Since you ridiculed John Edwards? qualifications for President what can Americans conclude about other appointments you would make based on the fact that you chose him to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

How are your insulting comments about the Iraq coalition in general and Iyad Allawi in particular consistent with your promise to be the diplomacy President?

In light of the U.N. Oil/Food Scandal, why should we care what the U.N. says and why should the Bush Administration be criticized for the lack of a U.N. resolution authorizing war in Iraq?

Is it a coincidence that you have not once but twice married women who are richer than you?

Why is it that your friends were shocked to find out that you were finally divorced from your first wife, whom you left while she was very depressed, because you had acted like a bachelor for so long?

Why is it that in 20 years in the Senate you are not known for one major idea, bill, or initiative?

When you go to Communion in Catholic Church, which some say you shouldn't receive because of your stance on abortion, do you believe that you are receiving the ACTUAL body and blood of Jesus Christ?

How much of Michael Moore's movie is true and if there are falsehoods, name two.

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