Editorial by John Ziegler

A Suggestion for Who President Bush Should Liberate Next


A Suggestion for Who President Bush Should Liberate Next...

After President Bush's startling and sweeping Inaugural Address, it is far clearer than ever that it is his intention to spread freedom and liberty throughout the world. It now appears as if location or relevance to our national interest no longer matters much; if a place is in need of our help to being liberated, apparently we will be there to aid/invade them.

While I have many reservations and some grave concerns about the wisdom of this unprecedentedly broad doctrine, I also have a suggestion for where President Bush can focus his desire to fulfill what seems to be a need to do the work of God by spreading liberty and freedom. I believe that this place should be considered a prime candidate not only because of its unique and pressing needs, but also because of the ease with which the mission could be completed.

The place I am thinking about no longer has a Democracy. In their last "election" not one seat changed hands and only about 2% of the contests were even seriously contested. This place is ruled by the tyranny of a socialist regime that is systematically stripping freedoms and liberties away from its people and often acting in the interest of another nation. It is a place that is continually being invaded by the people of that nation who are stealing its resources and threatening its culture. This place has absolutely no military to defend itself. It is also a place that is constantly being hit by natural disasters. It is a place whose leader came to prominence by having citizens pay to see him appear to kill hundreds of often innocent people. Finally, there is plenty of reliable intelligence to suggest that a U.S. liberation force would be welcome there with open arms and that an insurgent movement would be highly unlikely to form (except for, perhaps, along its coastal areas).

Seeing that it qualifies under virtually ever criteria (it even has some oil wells), clearly this place should be a prime candidate to be President Bush's next target for invasion. There may be only one problem. There is little evidence to suggest that the President is even aware that this place exists. He has only been there a few times and almost never mentions the place. But perhaps if someone could just show him a map and tell him of its plight he could direct some of his world-saving vision to help liberate the 38 million people of California.

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