Editorial by John Ziegler

List Of What Was Learned on "Revelations and Ruminations With John and Leah"


Here is a partial list of the "revelations" from the new Friday 9 pm segement on the John Ziegler Show.

What we have learned about Leah:

She was adopted.
She grew up in Roanoke, Virginia.
Her adopted mother killed herself when Leah was 8.
She called her adopted father "old bastard."
She got into radio by visiting a local DJ at 15 in her bikini.
Her real parents are from Orange County and she was conceived on their high school homecoming night.
She was reunited with her birth parents as an adult.
She has a good relationship with her natural father and not so with her natural mother.
Leah won her court case over her car being repossessed.
Leah believes that thought creates reality and that things do not happen out of coincidence.

What we have learned about John:

His mother once told him he was conceived by a rape
John didn't really believe what she said and took it as a compliment that his mother knew that he could take her venting the frustrations she had about her divorce on him.
He thought it was probably more damaging that his mother told him that his father was a lousy lover.
John liked to tape himself broadcasting sports events when he was about 10-12 years old with his tape recorder and microphone.
John played a tape of himself interviewing his younger brother in the voice of Howard Cosell when he was 11-12 and his brother was 7-8.
A woman John had the worst sex of his life with while a TV sportscaster is now a local TV reporter in LA.
John believes that life is mostly random and that believing in fate makes no mathematical sense.
He believes that thought can create reality only when you have some direct control over the situation.

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