Editorial by John Ziegler

"60 Minutes" Sells What Is Left Of Its Soul To Buick/Tiger Woods


It has been quite a while since anyone with a clue really believed that "60 Minutes" was remotely pure when it comes to journalistic ethics, but their fluff piece (meaning absurdly fawning, not related to Tiger's former caddie) on Tiger, as well as their financial arrangement with Tiger's biggest sponsor, Buick, set a new low for the formerly prestigious news magazine.

Ed Bradley nearly injuried himself by bending over for Tiger at every possible moment and laughing at the end of nearly every thought Tiger completed. Instead of using his extraordinary access he had to Tiger (obviously procured at least in part because CBS made a deal with Buick for the internet video streaming) to give us some insight into the great man or at least some real revealations about his life, Bradley seemed very content to engage in some sort of black male bonding ritual.

Bradley's interview (and the unaired excerpts on the Buick sponsored Yahoo website) gave us almost nothing new, and Bradley's knowledge of his subject was so rudimentary that the story might as well have been done in 2001.

But the most embarrassing part of the whole affair for CBS was their on-air pitch to go to Yahoo for more of the lovefest between Tiger and Bradley (Bradley called it a new "experiment." An experiment in what? Prostituion??!). There you found a webpage with Buick/Tiger ads plastered all over the site and before EVERY SINGLE segment a Buick/Tiger commercial played before you could see the clip.

Why is is this so significant? Because clearly "60 Minutes" was in no way shape or form going to air any material that did not meet with the approval with Tiger. Having the Buick/Tiger ads so incredibly imbeded in the "news" clips of Bradley kissing Tiger's ass was utterly amazing and has set a a dangerous new precedent for the commercialization of news. Obviously as the Pastor of the "First Church of Tiger Woods" my love for Tiger is well known, but I still found this corporate arrangenment with a news organization to be utterly disgraceful because it created a very clear conflict of interest (it should also be noted that Tiger's own website cites partenerships with both Yahoo and CBS Sportsline on its home page).

As the "Pastor" I have often noted that Jesus of Nazereth had the world's greatest public relations team, but it is now becoming clear that Tiger may have Jesus beat in that arena as well.

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