Editorial by John Ziegler

The Way Historians Will View May 25, 2006


Looking back on how the former United States of America became invaded by Mexico, May 25, 2006 appears to be in retrospect, a key date. On that day, the former U.S. Senate (which had been founded as a body of wise men intended to be insulated from the fear and ignorance of the unwashed masses) voted to give amnesty and citizenship to what was then thought to be 12 million illegal immigrants (it later turned out that there were twice that many).

On that same day, the former California Legislature hosted and warmly welcomed then Mexican President Vincente Fox for a formal address. Fox, whose many failings had largely led to much of Mexico's population invading the then United States, was introduced in spanish by Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who just weeks earlier had led marchers of then illegal immigrants in their campaign for citizenship and then promoted a nationwide boycott by immigrants. Fox then met with then California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who publicly lauded the Mexican President despite the enourmous economic and cultural costs that his state had suffered largely because of Fox.

Oddly, while in retrospect it seems obvious that May 25, 2006 was a pivital moment in the ultimate demise of the United States, there was almost no mention of the impact or ominous nature of these events on local or national television news. Even the so called cable news networks were strangely fixated by false rape allegations against memebers of the then Duke (now El Duke')University lacrosse team by a woman who later became the congresswoman for then Durham, North Carolina and on something called "American Idol" which was carried on what is now known as the Vicente FOX network.

Only recently uncovered audiotapes of the former talk station KFI (then the leading talk station in the U.S., which is now, like all Los Angeles stations, is all Spanish speaking) indicate that at least one media outlet at the time understood the significance of the events of May 25, 2006.

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