Editorial by John Ziegler

Local TV Ratings for World Cup Say A Lot


Here are the local LA TV ratings for the World Cup games involving the teams from Mexico (LA's "home" team) and the USA (LA's second team).

Mexico/Iran (Sunday Morning):

12.5 rating/ 29 share (1,376,000 "viewers") on Spanish language TV (Univision).
4.9 rating/ 11 share (423,000 "viewers") on English TV (ABC).

USA/Czech Republic (Monday Morning):

5.5 rating/ 18 share (385,000 "viewers") on Spanish TV (Univision).
2.1 rating (139,000 "viewers") on English TV (ABC).

Mexico/Angola (Friday afternoon):

9.2 rating (over 500,000 "households") on Spanish TV.
1.5 rating (83,000 "households") on English TV (ESPN).

Among Hispanics... 30.1 rating/ 60 share watched Univision (524,000 "households") while Hispanics only gave a 1.5 rating (25,000 "households") to English speaking ESPN. (Note: the Hispanic/Spanish TV numbers are technically impossible because they are larger than the total Spanish audience, but reflect a quirk in the ratings system.)

USA/Italy (Saturday Afternoon):

6.3 rating (350,000 "households") on Spanish TV.
5.9 rating (327,000 "households") on English TV (ABC).

Among Hispanics... 19.2 rating (334,000 "households") on Spanish TV, while Hispanics gave the USA/Italy a 3.8 rating (66,000 "households").

The key comparisons here are between the two weekend games and the two weekday games. If you combine English and Spanish viewers, the LA audiences for each of the Mexican games were almost exactly a third larger than for the two USA games. Also, it is interesting to note that the Spanish audience for the Mexican weekend game was TWICE that of the USA weekend game on NETWORK English TV. Meanwhile, the massive gap among Hispanic viewers who STRONGLY prefer watching the Spanish TV version of the game is VERY diminished (about a 5-1 ratio) when the USA is playing as compared to the 20 times larger Spanish TV audience when Mexico is playing.

It seems from these numbers very obvious that Hispanics who learn English and root for the USA are FAR outnumbered by Hispanics who prefer Spanish and are far more interested in watching Mexico than the USA. There is also clearly a strong connection between Hispanics who learn English and being more interested in watching the USA play and, therefore, a greater connection to America.

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