Editorial by John Ziegler

Arnold's Top Sins


In particular order, here are the most signifcant sins that Arnold Schwarzenegger has committed while in office that have forced me to vote Libertarian.

Arnold's Top Sins

Reversing himself on Prop 187 and claiming he didn't.

Calling a woman on the campaign trail asked him to "stop the invasion," "prejudiced."

Going along with massive spending increases and not blowing up any of the boxes he promised.

Promoting huge bond issues for transportation that should be paid for with regular tax money and which will require big tax increases in the future.

Declaring the Orange County "Immigrant" letter a "hate crime" when there was absolutely no evidence to that effect.

Nominating as many Democrat judges as Republican.

Hiring the former leader of the state Democratic party as his Chief of Staff.

Listening to his wife and her family way too much.

Going out of his way not to endorse other Republicans running for office.

Apologizing for the special election.

Supporting and then backing away from the Minutemen.

Signing the Global Warming boondoggle bill.

Signing the ban on hand held cell phones while driving bill.

Signing the "nanny state" dog tethering bill.

Signing numerous socialistic, pro-illegal alien bills.

Calling Ted Kennedy a "great man" in the "debate."

Basically abandoning his support for the Iraq War.

Conspiring with Mayor Antonio and Fabian Nunez to get him reelected to open up future jobs for them.

Not making himself available to being asked real questions.

Not taking any perceptible position on illegal immigration.

Running as the ultimate non politician and then becoming the quintessential political hack to save his political hide.

Abandoning any principles he may have had and selling out the state's future for his own reelection.

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