Editorial by John Ziegler

The Top 20 Reasons We May Lose The War on Terror


We are criticized for trying to take over the world and yet we are seen by the enemy as too weak to invoke fear/respect.

We are now living in a feminized culture, they are a male dominated one.

We have too much to lose, they have nothing to lose.

We teach our kids that hatred is wrong and that all people, especially those with color in their skin, are good, they teach their children that we are evil and should be destroyed.

We want to live and are willing to give up freedoms to do so, they have no qualms killing us and actually want to die.

We feel guilty about what we have, they hate us for what we have and feel no guilt in killing us.

We are called immoral when we accidentally kill civilians who should know better than to be where they are, they get called insurgents when they purposely kill/behead innocent civilians.

We get criticized constantly by our own media and our leaders are brutally ridiculed, while their leaders get glorified by the very same organizations.

Our media loves nothing more than to make us look bad and provide intelligence to the enemy, their media is a propaganda tool.

We largely follow religions that say we shalt not kill, they use their religion to pretend they have no choice but to kill.

When we accidentally blow up a mosque where the enemy is hiding we have committed a crime, when they blow up a mosque to create chaos it is our fault for having angered them.

When we tell the truth about them being prone to violence, when they then actually get violent in reaction (even when we apologize) it is portrayed as our fault.

Our leaders are gutless cowards who have to pander to a stupid electorate to keep their precious jobs as they fight against an opposition party that seems to be rooting us to lose, their leaders are chosen by who is best at coming up with ways to kill us and have no opposition party.

We fight too fair, they don't fight fair at all.

We debate whether it is OK to make captives "feel" like they are drowning, they debate what to do with the heads after they decapitate the bodies.

We won't use our most powerful weapons for fear of appearing mean, they will use any means they can steal.

We fund/house the United Nations where our "friends" vote against us and then pander to those who hate us while being afraid to tell the truth about our enemies, they use it as a weapon to lie about us, call us names and undermine everything we do.

Our "moderates" want no torture of the enemy and an open border for them to have access to us, their "moderates" only voice their wish that Israel be destroyed.

We are so strong and prosperous most of us don't even realize or care that we are in a war, they have nothing better to do than to plot our destruction.

We depose a dictator and create a democracy in three years with historically low casualties and it is considered a massive defeat, they blow themselves up while the rest hide in caves and it is portrayed as a great victory.

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