Editorial by John Ziegler

What We Learned From The Iowa Caucuses


What We Learned From The Iowa Caucuses

That where candidates stand on the issues matter far less (if at all) than how likable they are and how nice their skin looks.

That all the old rules of Presidential politics no longer apply.

That strong and real opposition to illegal immigration is not as important to Republicans in Iowa as we were told.

That even some liberals really can't stand Hillary Clinton.

That Oprah's endorsement is more powerful to Democrats than Bill Clinton's.

That when you are bombarded with too many political ads and candidate visits for too long a time it apparently makes you completely unable to engage your brain when it finally comes time to vote, either that or the people of Iowa are just plain nitwits.

That far too many Evangelical Christians are irrational in their voting preferences.

That Mitt Romney's religion makes him unelectable.

That Fred Thompson would have to get photographed coming out of a limo with no underwear on to get any mainstream media coverage.

That Rudy Giuliani can get 4% and still someone be perceived by the news media to be in better shape than Fred Thompson who got 14%.

That we are now somehow in a situation where we are looking to the people of South Carolina to restore some sanity to the race.

That John Edwards is still able to fool a lot of poor people into think that he cares about them and Hillary Clinton is thankful as hell that he is still in the race to split the 'totally wacky' vote.

That so how the pro-amnesty, anti-tax cut, anti-free speech John McCain is now the best hope for 'conservatives' to stop Mike Huckabee.

That the only real conservative in the Republican field (Fred Thompson) can only get 14% and barely finish third, and he is happy about it.

That, if you are John McCain, it is possible to finish fourth behind a guy who is thought to be on life supports (Fred Thompson) in a state where you ran before and somehow come out as the big winner.

That Fred Thompson and John McCain only outpolled Ron Paul by about three points each, and they are happy about it.

That only MSNBC would consider a panel with a former Tip O'Neil staffer moderating an Air America host, a black Washington Post reporter, a liberal Jew and a Bush-hating 'Republican' to be 'balanced.'

That when you give Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Greta Van Susteren and Shepard Smith lots of time to talk, lots of incredibly stupid things will be said (we already knew that about three of those four).

That Barack Obama can give a hell of a speech without saying a damn thing.

That it is possible for a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama, who has been in the U.S. Senate for only three years and done absolutely nothing of note, to be perceived as being on the verge of being the Democratic Presidential nominee.

That it is possible for an undistinguished former Governor of Arkansas who no one had ever heard of a year ago, who has a liberal record on immigration, crime, taxes, and spending, who doesn't believe in evolution, who almost sounds like Nancy Pelosi on the war, to be a Republican frontrunner all because he likes Jesus and can tell a decent joke.

That is now possible, just over six years since 9/11 to have two frontrunners for the Presidency who have absolutely no experience or apparent knowledge in the area of foreign policy.

That is it possible for Mike Huckabee to call a press conference to announce that he is NOT going to run a negative ad (which had actually already had run) and then show that ad he wasn't going to run (but did) to the press, have them literally laugh at him, and then have his support SURGE in the final days.

That our media and politics have become far more frivolous and feminized than anyone had yet to fully realize.

That we are pretty much doomed as a nation.

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