Editorial by John Ziegler

Hillary Concedes, But Why?


I never thought I would see the day when I felt sorry for Hillary Clinton, but that day has come. Even though she has won just as many votes, won more states and delegates over the last three months, and is clearly the stronger general election candidate, she was forced to get out of the race well before history would ordinarily dictate she should. But of course, when the Messiah, Barack Obama is involved, history, as well as logic and facts, seem to be rendered meaningless.

Hillary was forced by the media to give in, lest she make life even more uncomfortable for their Chosen One. The media's love for Obama is so great that it (much to my shock) even transcended what has normally been their carnal desire for some sort of contested convention. In 1976, 1980 and 1984 there were candidates who were much further behind than Hillary is and who felt zero media pressure to concede all the way to the convention. But Obama is crippled and, like a fight promoter who owns their boxer's next bout, the news media needed to call the fight so that their guy didn't get even more bruised than he already is.

Still, there is discontent in the Democratic party. Note the boos in the video when Obama's name is mentioned.

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