Editorial by John Ziegler

THIS is the guy were supposed to be so frightened of:


The level of fraud that is Barark Obama may have no bounds. One of the many areas where the myth does not meet reality is that he is somehow extremely intelligent and an amazing speaker. Sure, with a huge crowd of people ready to faint at the mere mention of "hope" and "change," and a TelePrompTer filled with a speech someone else wrote (and is often plagiarized) he is awesome, but strip him of those props and he is quite ordinary.

Witness these two clips (especially the second one where the Messiah gets totally lost on Iraq) and ask yourself if this is a guy that can really continue to con the American people (even with the media's help) for the next five months.

BTW, I spoke to an Obama supporting friend of mine in North Carolina today and he was talking to be about the damage McCain's Vietnam torture had taken on his "cognitive abilities." I asked him if he was referring to times like when McCain had boasted on the campaign trail that he had visited "57 states" and "only had one more to go." He laughed and said that he had not heard about that, but indicated that he was not surprised that such a thing would come out of McCain's mouth. When I let him know that it was Obama and not McCain who had made such a remarkable gaffe, it seemed to have lost most of its significance.

The Obama Kool Aid is strong indeed.

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