Editorial by John Ziegler

The False Messiah Reveals His True Self Yet Again


Those of us (sadly only about 25% of the adult population) who have been paying close attention to the real Barack Obama have almost become numb to the level of insanity and stupidity that the Chosen One spews on a consistent basis and yet, thanks to the love-struck news media, avoids criticism with shocking regularity.

However, today's candidate in what will inevitably be a very difficult Top Ten (Top 25?) list of "Most absurd things Obama has said and almost no one noticed" to pare down, was still startling because of the importance of the issue and the ease with which the average American idiot should be able to understand it.

The issue is the gasoline crunch and Obama's brilliant idea to fix it. The Messiah has discovered that if we all just pumped up our tires and got our cars tuned up more often we wouldn't have to drill for oil. The truly remarkable thing is that he really meant it.

Also, amazing is that this is the same guy who lamely claims drilling is a bad idea because it won't impact the price of gas today. Even if we accept that potentially faulty premise, that logic is much like parents deciding not to save for their child's college education because it won't help them pay for the European vacation this summer.

Sadly, though predictably, thanks to being once again given cover by Matt "I'm so far in the tank for Obama I can't see the surface" Drudge (who briefly linked to the Obama statement and then quickly took it down), the news media has almost totally ignored what easily could have been a game changer, or even ender, for the Messiah.

Watch the video below and be amazed.


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