Editorial by John Ziegler

"Post-Racial" Candidate Plays Racial Victim/Card


I am not sure what is the most amazing part of the latest attempt by the Messiah to insert race where it isn't and shouldn't be.

Is it that he made even more explicit/absurd/outrageous comments a couple of weeks ago and that hardly anyone even noticed?

Is it that Obama called the McCain campaign racist with less than zero evidence and the news media declared itself unsure if Obama really "played the race card" and blamed McCain for taking the "low road" when he simply defended himself from the worst charge a white man can face in modern America?

Is it that Obama's campaign laughably tried to claim that the Messiah wasn't REALLY talking about race when he suggested (three times in a day!) that Republicans would remind voters he doesn't look like all the other Presidents on our currency, and not being called on that? 

Is it that much of the Messiah's entire campaign is built on the totally fraudulent notion that he is "above race," when his career and and candidacy has been built entirely around carefully (and brilliantly) using his race to his advantage?

Or is it that this guy is still favored to be our next President?

Its a tough call. Watch the clips and decide for yourself. The first is the most recent race statement. The second is from the first episode a few weeks ago and is even more unfreakingbelieveable because it includes CNN "news" people falling all over themselves to congratulate Obama on blatantly playing the race card


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