Editorial by John Ziegler

Zig is Lone Voice of Dissent at Republican Convention


John Ziegler attended the Republican National Convention as part of the official California delegation and to screen his new film there.

While there, Ziegler was one of the very few who were brave (stupid?) enough to speak the truth about the absurdity of canceling one full day of the convention because of what turned out to be a rather minor hurricane that Monday.

Ziegler did numerous interviews that appeared in several  major newspapers.

He also did many national television interviews on the subject that aired on CNN, NBC and ABC.

But without a doubt, the interview that got the most reaction was the one that appeared as part of a rather funny (and far more accurate than they realize)  piece that the Daily Show did on the cancellation of the first day of the convention.

The snippet with John Ziegler which caused the Daily Show crowd to groan and boo comes in at about the 53 second mark in the video below.

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