Editorial by John Ziegler

Ziegler "Profiler" David Foster Wallace Commits Suicide


David Foster Wallace, who shadowed John Ziegler for two months in 2004 and wrote an "infamous" 23-page cover story about him for Atlantic magazine in 2005, committed suicide on Friday.

Wallace's much-talked about cover feature called "Host" can be read here.

His suicide has created quite a bit of fawning news coverage (despite the old rule that suicides are not supposed to be news worthy).

The Associated Press writes about the story here.

The New York Times waxes poetic on Wallace's suicide with this romanticized piece. The NY Times also ran a news article with the headline "The Best Mind Of His Generation," which I found particularly galling since he was not even sure O.J. Simpson was guilty!

The liberal Huffington Post goes even further in glorifying Wallace here.

Some blogs have noted the irony that Wallace mocked Ziegler's  downcast world view and his admission that he considered suicide in the mid 90s after his mother was killed in a car accident. There is a good example of that here.

Another blog includes video of a rare Wallace interview appearance here.

John Ziegler has written what is sure to be a controversial take on Wallace's suicide here.

The Gaurdian Newspaper in London of all places wrote about Ziegler's editorial here.

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