Editorial by John Ziegler

House Rejects "Wall Street Bailout Plan"


Some random thoughts on the “shocking” 228-205 defeat for the misnamed “Wall Street Bailout” plan:

-- Thanks to extreme media bias, general public ignorance (stupidity) and Republican cowardice (caused mostly by the first two factors) the vast majority of Americans have no idea how we got here and are blaming all the wrong people. The root of this problem came from too much government-directed socialism and reverse racism in the home mortgage industry. There are no two people more to blame for this than Democratic members of Congress Barney Frank and Maxine Waters (watch the second video below to see why).

--  While I think that the plan is based in the repugnant belief that government is the answer to everything and pushing us far faster than we were already headed down the road to total socialism, I wish it would have passed because I think we are headed that way regardless of what we do and that we might as well go as gently as possible with no deep depression 

-- While Nancy Pelosi’s speech on the floor before the vote was totally wrong and inappropriate and in a just world would mean the end of her Speakership, the notion that this caused Republicans to vote against the bill is both overrated and irrelevant.

---  However, while many have understandably mocked the notion that Republicans voted against the bill because they had their feelings hurt, I would ask you to put yourself in the position of a Republican member who hates the bill but has decided it is in the short-term best interest of the nation. You go down to the floor to eat your “crap sandwich” and Nancy Pelosi, whose party you are certain was responsible for the mess and who is doing NOTHING to pressure any of the 95 members of HER caucus (including some of her top leadership and closest allies) who voted against the bill to change their minds, decides that she is going to rub your face in it by blaming you for the crisis. Would you still be able to cast that vote?

--  The most important and underrated fact of the day is that those 95 Democrats voted against the bill with ABSOLUTELY ZERO pressure from Pelosi or the party, and yet they have the gall to blame Republicans (who had a third of its members vote against their principles and for the bill) for the loss. I urge you to listen to the radio interview with Karl Rove on this topic that is linked below. The facts here are devastating; unfortunately facts don’t seem to matter any more.

--  The most bizarre moment I saw today (even more so than Barney Frank being lavishly praised by Speaker Pelosi at the same press conference) came from Democratic South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn. At a press conference of Democratic “leaders” Clyburn had the audacity to claim that “67% of Republicans put their own political ideology over the best interest of our nation.” This of course begs the question; if Republicans who voted against the bill were putting “political ideology” over the best interest of the country, what exactly did the 95 Democrats (including 20 members of Clyburn’s own Black Caucus) put ahead of the United States? Naked cowardice? Clyburn then put the laughable cherry on this insane sundae by immediately calling for an end to “partisanship” (i.e. calling for a total and complete Republican surrender) in the process. You can read more about the Pelosi/Clyburn scam here.

--  Incredibly, all of this has made Barack Obama, who has been the biggest coward of all in this process (he didn’t call a single Democratic congressman to urge passage of the bill he said he sort of supported and was kind of nessesary for thegood of the country!) and has shown no signs at all of being willing or able to handle any of the issues in the crisis, a virtual lock to win the election and oversee the cementing of the feet of our economy into permanent and real socialism.   

And today is only Monday!
Make sure to check out the Karl Rove interview below.  The now infamous 2004 "Smoking Gun" congressional hearing is below that.

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