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Thirteen years to day after having been wrongly acquitted for two murders he clearly committed, O.J. Simpson was finally convicted on all twelve counts in an armed robbery that occurred in Las Vegas last September.

Despite the fact that the judge in the case kept out a lot of the most damaging and important evidence for fear of influencing the jury with elements of the double murder case, the jury was able to figure it all out in just thirteen hours of deliberation before coming back with convictions on all counts.

Though this case could be seen as rather complicated, the jury was able to see the simple fact that O.J. Simpson clearly took property (much of which was never his) with the use of force and wielded guns. While Simpson finally going to prison for a fourth-rate burglary is the modern equivalent of getting Al Capone for tax evasion, the verdict is just and finally brings some closure and healing to to a  cultural wound that has been festering for thirteen years.

Personally, the best part of all of this is how and why it happened (and not just because I played a small role in the falling dominoes, which I will be writing about in more detail shortly). This case happened as a DIRECT result of Kim and Fred Goldman keeping their promise to the deceased Ron Goldman that they would never give up pursuing justice for Simpson. Because they kept up the pressure (even when 99% of others would have long ago given up)  on the killer, he was forced to deal with the dregs of humanity and take risks that would eventually catch up with him. For those who believe "what comes around , goes around" this situation is a case study. But it never would have happened had Kim and Fred given up.

I know from speaking to Kim that they are both thrilled with the verdict. I told her that she and her father should be very proud of how they have kept their promise to Ron to never stop pursuing justice, and that our nation owes them a debt of gratitude.

Nothing will ever erase the evil that Simpson created the night of the murders, during the trials and in the numerous controversies that came out of them, but the fact that it appears that Simpson will never play golf again and will likely die in prison, gives me some hope that there is still SOME justice in the world.  

 View the moment of sweet justice below.

O.J. GUILTY ON ALL 12 COUNTS - video powered by Metacafe

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