Editorial by John Ziegler

McCain Campaign Takes Gloves Off Just After the Fight is Over


The John McCain Presidential Campaign has finally decided to tell (most of) the truth about Barack Obama's radical ties and the Democrat's culpability in the current financial crisis. Unfortunately, they have decided to do so at exactly the worst possible moment.

Now that Obama has been accepted by at least half the nation as a plausible/credible Presidential candidate and the the McCain campaign is finally far enough behind in the polls to look desperate, the long overdo attacks will be easily dismissed by the pro-Obama news media as a way of changing the subject from the "really important story" of the economy (I am sure that if similar charges were leveled by Obama against a McCain team that was winning, that the media wouldn't see them as quite the same "distraction").

As for the Palin-led attacks on Obama's relationship with domestic terrorist Bil Ayers, they are (despite the best efforts of the media to disparage them) dead on. However, the association that they should be concentrating on is the one between Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright . Unfortunately, McCain is afraid of being called a racist (despite Obama HIMSELF having called the issue "legitimate") and considering the bizarre fact that Palin has already been called racist by the Associated Press for talking about the Messiah's relationship with a white man, his fears are well founded, if also cowardly.

The bottom line is that if you are going to go after a guy's nuts (assuming Obama has any to begin with) you do so at the beginning so that he is neutered enough to never reach the 50% level. Hillary didn't learn this lesson and niether did McCain. This is what the Republican Convention should have been for, if McCain hadn't been pretending to be so concenred about a hurricane that neverly really happened.

As for finally trying to set the record straight on the Democrat's role in the sub-prime mortgage mess, McCain is being played a little bit like a comic book superhero by the villains who use his better nature against him. McCain couldn't tell the truth about this at the first debate because if he did so he would likely blow up the very fragile "deal" for the so-called "bailout" bill. This delay in telling the truth (for what McCain thought was for the good of the country) allowed the news media, Nancy Pelosi (who was not restricted in her words by such quaint notions of what was best for the nation) and perceptions about Republican Wall Street fat cats to cement the notion that Republicans (and even more tragically) and McCain himself were somehow to blame. Once the perception has been created it is almost impossible to reverse, especially when you are down in the polls and have the media dead set against. you. This will be a classic case of too little, too late.

The first video is classic Palin on the Ayers issue. The second is McCain going to town on the real causes of the economic crisis. As great as they are, they will likely only make for nice items in the museum for losers. Governor Palin and her family (as well as true conservatives everywhere) deserve better than this.

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