Editorial by John Ziegler

McCain Allows Last, Best, Chance to Pass


While if he was ahead or even real close, John McCain did fine in tonight's second debate, he also allowed his last chance to win pass away. He did this not just because he was too soft on Obama and because the questions were mostly on the Messiah's home turf. McCain's biggest mistake was that he never made the most fundamental point about all of this increased socialism that was discussed and which is clearly coming our way: EVERYTHING WILL HAVE TO GO THROUGH A VERY LIBERAL CONGRESS BEFORE IT EVER GETS TO THE NEW PRESIDENT!! McCain could have won this election by simply making the point to independents who hate both parties that making Obama President with Pelosi and Reid having large majorities will be giving a blank check to the far far left. McCain never did that tonight and barring a major event he will lose.

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