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John Ziegler Makes Statement on Zogby Poll Decision


It was revealed today on the Rush Limbaugh Show that the Zogby polling company has rejected John Ziegler's attempt to commission a poll of McCain voters to follow up on the poll of Obama voters that created so much controversy this week.

John Ziegler originally did not seek to poll McCain voters because he is doing a documentary on the media's impact the election and since Obama won, which stories "broke through" to McCain voters is of no direct relevance to the project. However, after challenging the left (on TV)to commission the same poll of McCain voters (no one took him up on it) and having Bill O'Reilly urge him to do so on his radio program, Ziegler asked the Zogby people if they would do the exact same poll as they did last week. Today they told him that they would refuse to do so.

Here is a Politico article that has been linked (in red) on Drudge and which includes extensive quotes from Ziegler.

Ziegler believes that there is little if any doubt that the Zogby company has been frightened into submission by that left-wing nuts that rule much of the internet media. In his most recent statement ,Zogby has made several comments that are both apparently factually inaccurate as well as in direct contradiction to his original statement in which he totally stood by the poll (as opposed to the "half-Obama" throwing under the bus that he is currently performing on his own poll) .

It is rather obvious to Ziegler that Zogby fears that if he were to do the same poll of McCain voters that the results would show a MASSIVE divide in the level of knowledge of THESE issues/questions in comparsion with Obama voters, and that this would lead to even GREATER attacks on him in the Obama-loving media. It is important to point out that NONE of this was the intent of poll.

John Ziegler's statement on all of the attacks on this project (ever-evolving with developments), can be read here.


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