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New www.HowObamaGotElected.com Poll Provokes Wave Of Coverage/Criticism


A new poll commissioned by www.howobamagotelected.com for John Ziegler's forthcoming documentary "Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected" was released today and the results are provoking lots of discussion.

The poll was done after "popular demand" following the release two weeks ago of a Zogby poll that, for reasons that had nothing to do with bias, included only Obama voters. This new poll, done by Wilson Research Strategies was commissioned after Zogby caved to the left-wing pressure and refused to duplicate the first poll.

The results, which can be found at www.howobamagotelected.com basically show that McCain voters were better at answering simple questions about the campaign (like which party controls congress) than Obama voters, and there appears to be a direct link between the media outlets that voters were exposed to, what they knew (or thought they knew) about the campaign, and, ultimately for whom they voted.

Here are some of the more interesting articles written about this poll.

John Ziegler's op-ed as well as video of his appearance last night is here.

A WND article on the reaction to the polls is here

The Wall Street Journal (whose reporter, in an interview with John Ziegler actually questioned whether Democrats really controlled congress!!) did its best to try and minimize the results of the poll because the poll apparently failed to end world hunger and solve the financial crisis, here

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey writes about Ziegler's "vindication"  here

Front Page Magazine interviews John Ziegler here

The Philadelphia Bulletin put this story on its front page.

Alan Colmes lies about Ziegler's beliefs regarding Obama's religion and insults all Muslims, here

AOL did a poll on Ziegler's poll here

Below are two great videos of interviews done with Ziegler today. The first is with Hot Air's Ed Morrissey.

The second video is a live head-to-head match up with Nate Silver the total fraud who started the criticism of Zogby poll by incorrectly calling it a "push poll." Listen as Ziegler confronts him on that and many other issues . It gets rather heated. This site is guessing that Silver does not post the interview on his blog, lest his blind followers see the light and see that he is indeed full of crap.

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