Editorial by John Ziegler

O.J. Finally Cracks and the Goldmans Finally Get Their Day


Over 14 years after he brutally killed two people, O.J. Simpson finally faced some real punishment today as he was sentenced for the armed robbery and kidnapping that came directly out of his attempts to avoid paying the Goldman family the judgment against him for killing their son & brother.

Simpson spoke to the court and, clearly frightened, nearly broke down as he please for the judge to go easy on him. Fortunately, this judge was no Ito (why is it that they only people who have any balls anymore are women?) and she would have no of it; reading Simpson the riot act while sentencing to a stiff prison sentence that finally means the end of his days of golf and casual sex. Hopefully it means that Simpson will die in prison.

As for the Goldmans, they finally got some sense of justice. Make NO MISTAKE, this was THEIR victory even though most people don't think that this episode had anything to do with them. It most certainly did! Simpson was forced into making the mistakes he made in Las Vegas as a direct result of their relentless pressure of justice for him. It was only because they never gave up the fight and never backed off the promise they made to Ron that Simpson was ever caught in the mistake that finally took away his freedom. 

The Goldmans finally made that point in dramatic fashion (as JZ has been trying to get his friend Kim to do for over a year now!) today after the verdict.

The two videos below do not make up for the pain and suffering that the injustice that this case has caused, but they sure are nice to watch. The first is Simpson groveling. The second is the Goldmans finally taking in a true victory.


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