Editorial by John Ziegler

Top 10 Developments Of the First Week of the New John Ziegler Show


It was an extremely eventful first week of the new John Ziegler Show on KGIL. Here are the top ten incredible developments in order of when they happened:

1. KFI's John Kobylt calls KGIL's owner to whine (while apparently stuttering and stammering) about John Ziegler telling the truth about him. 

2. KABC's Doug McIntyre writes John Ziegler three times (twice after telling him he would never write him again) to complain that their freindship didn't prevent Ziegler from calling him on his Obama sellout.

3. Governor Sarah Palin does an amazing 16 minute live interview in which she gives her first reaction to the David Letterman controversey.

4. John Ziegler goes on MSNBC to talk about the Palin interview and the Letterman flap and gets his mike turned off after calling MSNBC out on its bias.

5. Rush Limbaugh (on KFI among hundreds of other stations)  spent two full segments on Ziegler's MSNBC appearance, strongly praising him.

6. Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly does a live interview on the show.

7. Video of Ziegler's MSNBC appearence goes viral on the internet.

8. Snippets of Ziegler's Palin interview are used in newscasts nationwide as the Letterman controversey grows.

9. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough comes on the John Ziegler Show.

10. Governor Palin mentions her interview on the John Ziegler Show while live on the Today Show. 

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