Editorial by John Ziegler

Tiger Woods Channels Bill Clinton in Attempt to Dodge Truth


Tiger Woods finally released a somewhat substantive statement on the events of the past few days and it seems pretty clear to the “Pastor” that, unfortunately, Tiger is taking his game plan right out of Bill Clinton’s playbook.

Instead of accepting the heartfelt advice I offered in my open letter to Tiger (see www.tigerwoodsisgod.com), it seems that Tiger and his people have decided that, instead of telling the full truth, they are going to rely on the golfer’s power and celebrity and count on an impotent media and a gullible public to allow him to slither through the controversy.

Parsing Tiger’s carefully worded statement is all too reminiscent of days of Clinton/Lewinsky/Impeachment.

Tiger says “this situation is my fault.” Situation? What does that mean? In the world he wants us to believe exists, the only thing that happened here was a weird car accident in his own driveway. How is that a “situation”? Why didn’t he just say, “the crash was my fault”? And if that is really all that it was, why didn’t he give us some sort of explanation for why the world’s greatest athlete couldn’t manage to drive his own car out of his own driveway? Heck, I am sure it must be a pretty funny story. Why not humor us with that “truth.”?

He continues, “I'm human and I'm not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn't happen again.” Obviously Tiger declaring that he is indeed human is of particular interest to the First Church and will certainly contribute to our impending decision to disband this website in light of this week’s revelations. But within the context of this “situation” that phrase is also important because it is essentially acknowledging the affair without actuallydoing so. Remember Clinton saying “I have made mistakes in my marriage”? This is the Tiger Woods equivalent.    

As for the second part of that statement, what exactly is he going to make sure doesn’t happen again? Running over fire hydrants at 2:30 am???  So, what, is he finally going to hire a full-time driver?

This is a classic case of trying to have it both ways. He wants us to believe that there is nothing more to this whole thing, but, if we are too smart to buy such absurdity, he has added just enough for us to go there, just as long as you agree to leave him alone and not expect any further explanation or accountability. In short, he is trying to thread the needle and, given the nature of the media (not to mention the Clinton precedent), he might just get away with it.

Tiger continues channeling Bill Clinton when he later refers to this “situation” as a “private matter.” Since when is a car accident involving the world’s most famous athlete that takes out a fire hydrant, a “private matter”? Now, if he is talking about having sex with a “party girl” who is not his wife then that might be another matter, but he has, of course, not directly admitted doing that. .

In the very same paragraph he does, however, (coincidentally I am sure) refer to the “rumors” that have been spread about his family. He calls them “irresponsible” but not “false” (though later he does claim that the allegation that Elin was not acting “courageously” when she busted his back window with a golf club are “false”).

Again, this is quintessential Clinton. I am sure that at least some of the “reporting” (at TMZ for instance) has not been accurate, and so when you make this sort of blanket statement you are techincally telling the turth while also conveying a very false impression.      

It seems pretty clear that Tiger is allowing himself to take a huge PR hit (I would have bet just about anything I would never hear the words “Tiger Woods refuses to talk to police, again”) in order to protect his wife from further embarrassment and possible legal charges. While this is in part admirable, if he had been more concerned with Elin’s well being when he decided to start screwing around on her, obviously none of this would have happened.

It is also fairly obvious that Tiger (like Clinton did)  is going to attempt to continue to go about normal life without even having to answer any questions about what really happened here. With his tournament coming up this week you would think such a tactic would be impossible to pull off, but I have learned to never underestimate the gutlessness of the media when it comes to getting to the truth of the matter about one of their cash cows/darlings (see Barack Obama).

Assuming he has the courage to show up this week (the statement seems to set the foundation for a pull out), Tiger will probably issue the verbal equivilant of his writen statement and declare that he is not going to answer any other questions on the matter. The pathetic golf press who literally owes what they eat to Tiger, will eagerly comply. While the entertainment media will object, but they will quickly move on to others matters.

In the end, this gambit, while disgraceful, may work much like it did for Bill Clinton. It’s just that I always held Tiger to a much higher standard than that.

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