Editorial by John Ziegler

Tancredo is right on at least one point.


I believe that former congressman Tom Tancredo is a bit nuts and, based on his Vietnam deferment, he apparently agrees. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t also sometimes dead on with his analysis and there is at least one major point in his Tea Party Convention kickoff address that needs to be vigorously defended.
Tancredo is already predictably being vilified for declaring that President Obama (he called him by his politically incorrect full name) would not have been elected if America had a civics test for voters. While those on the left and in the media automatically presume this statement to be racist, it is, in fact, absolutely true.
Of all the stunning statistics to come out of the polling for the 2008 election, to me the one that was by far the most remarkable/relevant was that if before you voted you were required to know which party controlled Congress at the time (Democrats clearly ruled both chambers), then John McCain would have won the election rather easily.
According to a poll of voters I commissioned after the election by Wilson Research (which followed up and corroborated a “controversial” Zogby poll I also paid for), only 41% of Obama voters knew that the Democratic Party controlled Congress while 63% of McCain voters knew the correct answer to that question. Among all voters who got that simple question right, McCain won 56-43. Among all the rest of the voters Obama won 65-35. (It should also be noted that the poll found a direct correlation between the types of media outlets voters were exposed to and whether they got the question right, with Fox News viewers and talk radio listeners doing far better than any other group.)
Wrap your mind around that for a moment. There is virtually no question that you could ask and get a greater partisan disparity and yet there is almost nothing remotely “partisan” about the subject of which party holds the majority in both houses of Congress.
The inescapable conclusion here is that, assuming the congressional control question was on a civics test that one had to pass before voting, that Obama would have not only lost, but probably would have been routed. Of course, since what one knows is now pretty much irrelevant in our culture and any desire to change that reality is easily labeled as racist (especially when it come from someone like Tancredo), we know there is about as much chance of a civics test for voting as there is of Tiger Woods singing with The Who at halftime of the Super Bowl.   

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