Editorial by John Ziegler

Just A Reminder, Peggy Noonan is a Traitor Who Endorsed Obama in 2008


The most underrated and insidious way in which the obvious liberal bias in the mainstream news media has a major impact on public perception is that it acts like a gravitational pull on weak-kneed (Colin Powell, Steve Schmidt) and career-minded (Joe Scarbourgh, Kathleen Parker) “Republicans.” RINOs can instantly feel the warm embrace of mainstream credibility by simply criticizing other Republicans in a way that the media can use to achieve their agenda.

Meanwhile, when an occasional Democrat goes in the other direction (Joe Lieberman) they suddenly get shunned and discredited.

 In 2008, this phenomenon was in full force (in fact, thanks to the Obama effect, it was on steroids) and I documented it extensively in my film “Media Malpractice” because I wanted conservatives to try to put an end to this problem by forcing these traitors to pay a price.  Unfortunately, I clearly failed because we are seeing this exact same development happen in 2012 and my side of the political equation is doing absolutely noting to help mitigate the damage.

There is no better/worse example of this than the actions of former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan. Noonan has suddenly become a big name in the media again because she is taking every chance she can to rip the Romney campaign and help the press with building their narrative that his campaign is in collapse.

Among other things, she has called the Romney forces “incompetent” and then claimed the campaign was a “calamity.” Her remarks have been cited all over the media a “proof” that their criticism of Romney is based in reality and not just bias. (To be clear, I have predicted Romney will likely lose, but not because of anything he or his campaign has done wrong, but because of the unfair media coverage of him, which Noonan is all to happy to facilitate.)

These statements of course are critical to the media because without someone from the “other side” to substantiate their outrage over whatever they are claiming was the Romney mistake of the moment, their efforts just don’t work. They need to be able to say: “even prominent Republicans are upset with what Romney is doing.” Noonan, who clearly loves the attention and ability for her to retain her membership in the tight Washington media “club,” is all too happy to oblige.
There are two things which make this occurrence all the more infuriating. One, Noonan hasn’t done a thing for the conservative cause since she wrote a few good speeches for Reagan over 25 years ago. Secondly, and even more amazingly, she clearly endorsed Obama in 2008 in both print and on TV. Somehow, not only did that not take away her ability to once again play the “I am a sensible Republican telling the truth about my guy” card, but it doesn’t even ever get mentioned that she has ZERO credibility on this issue!
Even more incredibly, her endorsement of Obama in 2008 (which should forever discredit anyone from ever being called a “conservative” because there were only two reasons for doing that: you were a sell out or you were an idiot), doesn’t even get mentioned in the conservative media.
When are we going to realize that this is a war and that when one of our “own” reveals themselves as an agent for the other side (as Noonan obviously did in 2008 and which many others, including Sarah Palin, may be doing in 2012) that they need to be exorcized from the movement so that they can’t cause further damage?
As George W. Bush once famously said, “Fool me once…Shame on you…Fool me…We can’t be fooled again.”  

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