Editorial by John Ziegler

John Ziegler's Greatest Hits on National Television


In no particular order, here are the "greatest hits" of John Ziegler on national television.

The Battle with Piers Morgan over the Sandusky Interview

On The Today Show with Matt Lauer about the Sandusky Interview

On the Today Show with Matt Lauer about "Media Malpractice" & Palin Interview

Taking On Norah O'Donnell Over Media Bias

Telling Norah O'Donnell she should have been fired, twice

Part One of "The View" (John Gets to Speak)

Part Two of "The View" (Barbara Walters Sticks Finger in John's Chest)

The Battle with David Shuster over Palin (Part One)

The Battle with David Shuster over Palin (Part Two)

Exposing Kathleen Parker On Her Own Show

Destroying Contessa Brewer over Palin/Letterman Flap

On Fox News discussing getting handcuffed at Katie Couric event

Foretelling David Letterman's creepy sexual issues on Fox News

Leading the O'Reilly Factor after Palin's resignation

Correctly Predicting Palin's Political Demise On MSNBC

Explaining Severing Ties with Palin on CNN

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