Editorial by John Ziegler

If the Florida Recount had been a Football Game....


While all of this chaos surrounding the Florida recount has created an enormous amount of confusion among many Americans, it would all be clearly understood (and I believe a conclusion would have long ago been reached) had this recount been a football game.

Here is how I believe this "game" would have been perceived had it been contested on the playing field that Floridians seem to care more about.

-- It was a home game for George Bush (thanks to his brother Jeb).
-- At first Gore dominated and took the early lead (exit polls).
-- Gore racked up more overall yardage (popular votes).
-- The announcers gave the game prematurely to Gore before the final gun (early, incorrect projections).
-- Bush made a miraculous late run, kicking a long field goal (bouncing off the crossbar) to go ahead by 1 with 10 seconds remaining. The announcers declared Bush the winner and his supporters celebrated their apparent victory and prepared to storm the field.
-- Bush kicked off (squib kick) and the Gore team somehow managed to return the ball all the way to midfield as time expired. But, even as ONE official (Katherine Harris) was about to call the game, the Gore team refused to leave the field (even after their coach had shaken hands with the opposing leader).
-- Instead, the Gore team pleaded to OTHER referees to put more time on the clock because the scoreboard somehow confused some of their players.
-- These "superior" officials (who just happened to be from Gore's conference) decide to put enough time on the clock for one more play.
-- The Gore team accepted this, but pleaded that its kicker couldn't possibly make a 76 yard field goal and asked for the goal posts to be moved up several yards to make it more "fair."
-- The officials then decided to move the goalposts up 25 yards (dimpled chads) in order to take the kicker's intent into consideration.
-- This gave the Gore team a real chance to kick a reasonable, but difficult 51 yard game-winning field goal (with the Florida wind). However, the center from Palm Beach County made a bad snap (no dimples, late count) and the holder from Broward County tried desperately to find a receiver to whom to throw a pass but the kicker from Miami-Dade County, though wide open, refused to go out for a pass (no hand recounts). With no other choice, the Broward County holder tried to run the ball all the way in for a game winning touchdown, but was finally tackled at the 15 yard line.
-- The announcers declared that the game was over and Bush had more points, but, for some reason, decided not to say that Bush had actually won the game.
-- Gore decided to protest the entire game and disallow the trophy presentation until the protest is over, even though there was no apparent grounds for the protest.

How do you think the American people would have already reacted to a Gore football team that had acted in this manner? Would they not be the laughing stock of the entire nation? Perhaps that is still a possibility. We can only hope this picture will become exceedingly clear as Gore continues to put his own perceived self-interest ahead of the obvious interest of the country.

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