Editorial by John Ziegler

Prepare for "WAR"/Election Thoughts


Since I had very little time while in competition last night with the lovely Ann Coulter, I would like to further explain my comments on last night's edition of Ch 6's "Philly After Midnight" that indicated that I believe we may be headed for, as James Carville might say, a "war."

As of Wednesday evening November 8th, we still do not know who the next President of the United States will be. It is my belief that there are two possible scenarios for what will happen next. Either, Thursday at 5 pm it will be clear (by a couple of thousand votes) that George Bush has won Florida, Gore will do the honorable thing and concede, and Bush will be the President-elect. The second possibility is FAR more complicated and, I believe, becoming more likely every second. I believe that this country may be just hours away from the worst constitutional crisis in the history of this formerly great republic.

The second scenario has Bush only winning by a few hundred votes and Al Gore deciding that, like Bill Clinton did during impeachment, he can turn a battle that is supposed to be in the legal realm (where he would lose) and transfer it into the realm of public opinion. Bill Clinton's impeachment defense would provide the perfect road map for Gore to escape what would appear to be a no win situation.

Contrary to what many Democrats would have you believe, I think that the wheels are already turning in this direction; it is just that Gore wants to hold out the possibility that he could still win legitimately before he takes the low road. Today Gore (in a carefully staged speech intended to project the image of a President) said, "What is at stake here is the fundamental fairness of the process as a whole." He also made it a point to mention that he won the popular vote, which is no more certain than Bush's win in Florida. When you add to that the 73 lawyers that have been hired and sent to Florida by the Democratic Party (which is also hiring lobbyists in an effort to raise 3 million dollars to fund their legal effort) along with statements by Paul Begala and Chaka Fattah that have already implied that Jeb Bush may be "fixing" the results there, it seems obvious that if things don't go as they hope, the Democrats are preparing for a full scale war on truth and the Constitution like we saw during impeachment.

I can already see the INCREDIBLY bogus controversy over the "confusing" ballots (created by a local Democrat, BTW) in Palm Beach County being used as the equivalent of Clinton's absurd Impeachment argument that he didn't really commit perjury. While the mantra there was "this is just about sex," I can easily see the buzz words of "fairness" "popular vote" "irregularities" and "Jeb Bush's home cooking" rolling off the hired tongues of Democratic operatives until the lazy and stupid American people finally begin to agree with them.

What will make this strategy plausible is that the Democrats will share a conspiracy of self interest with the all-too-willing news media who will be dying for this story to continue as long as possible, especially in the ratings sweeps month of November. Already the news media has made almost no effort to hide the fact that they relish scenarios that they admit are NOT good for the country. For example, Don Imus voted for and "endorsed" Hillary Clinton because he thought she would provide more entertainment. NBC's ultra liberal Jonathan Alter said last week in ending a story about possible strange election outcomes, "None of which would be good for the country, but they sure would be fun for us on election night!" Like a child running with scissors or playing with fire, the news media is now no longer above risking dangerous consequences for the nation, all for their own amusement.

Assuming Gore does not concede Thursday we will soon begin to see polling data showing 80% of the American people don't think we should have the Electoral College. Then, just like with impeachment where the wrong question ("What do you think of Bill Clinton's job performance") was asked, there will be polling data asking the question "Do you think that the results in Florida were fair?" along with "Who do you think SHOULD be President?" or "Who do you WANT to be President?" (Which ever comes out better for Gore). Gore will get over 50% of that "vote" (especially without Nader and because the polling pool will be much more than just "likely voters") and that number will continue to rise as the Democrats pull out ALL the stops to smear Jeb Bush and confuse the issues.

At this point George Bush will have a dramatic decision to make. Does he do what is right, or does he do what is best for the country. Sadly, because of Gore's unwillingness to concede those to objectives will likely be at odds. I believe that Bush may realize that, while he has a perfectly legitimate claim to the Presidency, that the crisis that he would have to put the country through to achieve that objective (thanks to Al Gore), would not be worth the chance that it would either fail or be so damaging to the country that it would not be worth it even if successful. It is my belief that under this set of circumstances Bush would do the honorable thing and concede Florida.

If this happens, the ironies would be almost tragically profound from several perspectives. Bush would take the Biblical role of the true mother who saved her child's life by giving it up to the false mother in front of Solomon who reversed the injustice by seeing that only the rightful mother would give her baby up to save its life. Unfortunately, neither the American people nor the news media possess the "wisdom of Solomon."

Bush's withdraw would be appropriately ironic from a completely different point of view. Facing very similar circumstances (many would say far more just than those Gore currently faces) Richard Nixon conceded in 1960 to John Kennedy despite massive "irregularities" in Illinois. Nixon also of course had the honor to resign from office when faced with impeachment. Bill Clinton of course was not capable of such a selfless act and I would be surprised if Al Gore was any better equipped to face that challenge.

About the only positive I could see coming out of this "Doomsday Scenario" is that Al Gore would be a completely failed President (even if the economy doesn't tank) and George Bush will be a hero after giving one of the most moving speeches in American political history (polls will immediately indicate that the American people wish that Bush was President) and he will be elected in a landslide rematch in 2004.

The failed Impeachment process (which most people wrongly shrugged off as an indication of the strength of this nation) has set the stage for all of this to occur. One of the "lessons" of the Impeachment failure was that the media and the public somehow now think that we live in a country where the will of the majority is always supposed to carry the day. That set the precedent that public opinion can override the Constitution and the law (how else could the widow of a dead man be appointed to the Senate illegally without any challenge from the opposition party for fear of an emotional backlash?). We now may be reaping the rotten oats of what was allowed to be sown during Impeachment. Once we are no longer a nation of laws, we might as well pack it in.

Then again, it could all be over today with a Bush victory, but I doubt it.

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