Editorial by John Ziegler

Random Thoughts On The Allen Iverson Mess


Random Questions About The Allen Iverson Mess

Does anyone else think it strange that nearly everyone believes the charges against Allen Iverson to be true and yet almost no one can conceive of him getting convicted of anything remotely 'serious'?

Who is the bigger hypocrite, a talk show host (Howard Eskin), who is facing jail time for excessive speeding and who vigorously defended Bill Clinton during impeachment, demanding that Allen Iverson be punished for breaking the rules, or a talk show host (several local candidates) who has played this story to the hilt and then criticized the media coverage as being excessive?

How does Channel 10's Cherie Bank manage to do her 'exclusive' interviews with the Iverson family when her lips are seemingly firmly planted on the family's proverbial posterior?

How disappointed will the local news media be if this never goes to trial (which it won't) and they lose the opportunity to report on a gay man witnessing a 'bulge' in Allen Iverson's shorts?

How exactly does one throw his wife out of the house naked in the middle of the night on numerous occasions and still get her to laugh with him for the TV cameras?

Is it really a 'house arrest' when you live in a home like Allen Iverson's?

Is it really criminal trespassing when you pay the rent for the people that live there?

Does anyone want to bet against Reebok selling MORE Allen Iverson shoes to kids than ever after this whole thing finally blows over?

At exactly which point in our societal demise did it become MARKETABLE to be a thug?

Was that the same moment when the news media determined that ratings drove coverage rather than vice versa, and when the entertainment value of a story dictated its importance?

How big would the media coverage of this relative non-event be if Allen Iverson had done an 'O.J.,' or even a 'Jason Williams'?

Why was this suddenly a national story on July 10th, but not for six days before that when virtually all that was known then was already being reported locally?

Should we feel comfortable with a sports talk radio station virtually forcing the arrest of someone who apparently actually harmed no one?

Would WIP radio still be all over Allen Iverson if it wasn't the slow summer period and they thought that there was any chance that they might actually lose their number one topic of conversation and ratings generator?

What was acting spokesperson for the Mayor's office Frank Keel thinking when he accused police officers of being 'overzealous' in their handling of the case before an indictment was even requested and why is he is still the 'acting' anything?

If there is ever a trial in this case, do you think the jurors will ask for A.I.'s autograph before or after the acquittal?

Exactly how big of a client do you do you have to be for Richard Sprague to return home EARLY from vacation?

How is it that A.I. can't seem to make an afternoon practice but can manage to get himself up in time to be arrested at 5:30 am?

Is it possible to actually feel the racial tension bubbling underneath the surface of this case?

Does anyone believe that, if Allen Iverson was from a white, upper class family that this would have ever happened or that it would have been covered like this if it had?

Whom would you less like to deal with? Allen Iverson with a gun or his mother, Ann Iverson, when she is ticked off at reporters?

What do you think the chances are of A.I. being named the next president of the Gladwyne Homeowners Association?

Will the Gladwyne Homeowners Association being sending A.I. a letter that begins? 'Dear Mr. Iverson' it has come to our attention that you have been throwing your naked wife out of your house in the middle of the night! this is a clear violation of our association rules? should this continue you will risk having your membership card and privileges revoked.?

Did you ever think you would see the day when 'unidentified stains' made by kids being found in a basketball player's car would be a 'news' story?

What did will people talk about in this town BEFORE Allen Iverson and what will they talk about AFTER him?

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