Editorial by John Ziegler

Top 10 Things I Would Do If I Was "King For A Day"


Here are the top 10 things I would do if I were "King for a Day" in order to make America a better place. This was the basis for an edition of the national radio show "The Weekend," heard on Clear Channel stations through out the nation.

1. Make every one take a simple test of civics knowledge before they can vote in any election.

2. Pay jurors a real wage and disallow juror disqualification for no reason.

3. Bring back corporal punishment and real sex education into the public schools.

4. Stop the use of speeding tickets as a revenue producer, make the speed limit higher during the day than night, make seniors get retesting for driving.

5. Eliminate affirmative action for firing.

6. Legalize, tax, and regulate prostitution, most drug use and physician-assisted suicide.

7. Completely end the estate/death tax and go to a flat tax with limited deductions for all but the lowest wage earners.

8. Change the marriage contract so that it is renewable at incremental time periods, is enforced by law, and there is no such thing as divorce.

9. Enforce the death penalty in a way that makes it an actual deterrent.

10. Save the college football bowl season by renewing the 6 major conference titles with the 5 major bowls, matching them up with the next 4 top teams in thee BCS rankings, have the 5 games all be played on New Year's Day, and then having the top 2 teams AFTER the bowls play two weeks later for the REAL national title.

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