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You Should Vote For A Democrat If.....


You Should Vote For A Democrat If...

If you think it wasn't hypocritical that a memorial service for Senator Paul Wellstone just four days after he was killed with his wife and daughter was turned into a political pep rally during a period where democrats said any campaigning would be grossly inappropriate.

If you think that it was perfectly OK for Democrats to break the law to replace Robert Torricelli on the ballot with someone who can barely put a sentence together.

If you think that it was fine for a dead Mel Carnahan to be illegally and unfairly elected in Missouri in 2000 when a Democratic judge kept polling places in black areas open longer than the law allowed paving the way for Carnahan's unqualified widow to be appointed to his seat.

If you think that it was fine for Dick Gephardt to promise illegal aliens citizenship if Democrats are elected when he knows the proposal has zero chance of passing.

If you want to support the party that is publicly against attempts to enforce election laws and crack down on voter fraud and wants as many felons to vote as possible.

If you think that it was perfectly fine for Paul Patton to promise to repay tax payers for expenses incurred during his affair with Tina Conner when he was trying to beg for forgiveness and then renege on that promise when no one was paying attention.

If you think that Paul Patton was sincere when he cried and begged for your's and God's forgiveness, asked for you to pray from him, and said he was dedicating his life to humility and honest answers, and then four days later tried to dictate what he could and couldn't be asked while referring to his previous statement 30 times.

If you think that Paul Patton did nothing wrong when had sexual threesomes on state time, gave both partners state favors and then lied about it on numerous occasions.

If you think that state affirmative action programs designed for African Americans and female start-up business owners should be used as a tool to reward wealthy women who have sex with the Governor.

If you think that it was proper for not one Democratic representative to even call for Paul Patton's resignation.

If you are not insulted by the Democratic Party making a crass political calculation that they can fool you into thinking that the revelations against the Governor do not merit resignation without suffering any consequences for their support of him.

If it doesn't bother you that even one of the safest and most independent members of the General Assembly, Louisville's Jim Wayne, came as close as you can to calling for resignation and then backed off because he thought that it would be more immoral to risk a Republican becoming Governor.

If you think that there is not enough lying in our culture and that there is no harm in further teaching our children that there are no consequences to lying by giving Paul Patton a pass.

If it doesn't make you pause that neither the Governor nor the Courier Journal has been able to come up with a ANY holes in Tina Conner's allegations of abuse of power while Patton's own Lt. Governor has publicly contradicted part of Patton's alleged defense.

If you want to support the party whose best argument for its Governor not resigning is that its Lt. Governor may be just as corrupt.

If you think that having sex with women who work for the state or have extensive business with the state is a 'private personal' matter for the governor of that state.

If you want to support a man who lamely and incorrectly tries to compare his situation to Time Man of the year Rudy Giuliani and then mangles his name by saying 'Rudy Gug-li-alli or whatever his name is.'

If you think it isn't hypocritical for the Patton administration to demand the immediate resignation of juvenile justice commissioner Ralph Kelly, whom they had championed as doing a great job, without even a hearing because he was charged with a sexual offense while on a vacation.

If you think that it is OK to support Paul Patton while using the Teachers Union to run ads attacking former Democrat Dan Seum for divorces that were never mentioned while he was a Democrat.

If you think it is fine for the Governor's chief of staff Skipper Martin to tip off the Courier Journal about admittedly false and vicious sexual rumors about Julie Rose Denton in an effort to get a divorce file opened.

If you think it isn't suspicious that an inmate writes a letter to the Governor offering a story of sexual abuse, with no evidence, by the governor's chief political enemy and then just before an election the Democratic paper just happens to make an open records request for that letter and reports the story AFTER it had already completely discredited.

If you think it is admirable and not insulting to women that Jack Conway is nominated and funded by the Democratic Party despite being completely unqualified for congress simply because he is so cute his supporters think women will vote for him simply based on his hair.

If you think it is inappropriate to raise as a campaign issue Jack Conway's time spent working with Paul Patton when that is his only experience in government, but that it is appropriate for Conway to not be held accountable for not more strongly criticizing the Patton scandals.

If you believe that it is fine to go to black churches, as Jack Conway did, and stand happily by as Charlie Rangel tells the audience on his behalf that blacks were not allowed to vote in Florida in 2000 and that blacks should vote for Conway as payback for that injustice for which there is not a shred of evidence.

If you think it is an adequate response when finally being questioned about that event by Terry Meiners for Jack Conway to say that Rangel is part of the Democratic party's 'big tent' and justify the outrageous Rangel comments by saying that he was only trying to energize black voters.

If you think that it was perfectly fine for Hillary Clinton to tell Democrats that George W. Bush was 'selected' and not 'elected.'

If you really think that Al Gore was the honorable one in the Florida recount, that it was not massive hypocrisy to have military absentee ballots to be thrown out on technicalities, that the Democratic Florida Supreme did not embarrass itself and the judiciary, and that the country would have faired better during 9/11 if Al Gore were President.

If you want to support the party of Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Coleman.

If you want to support the party of John Conyers, Maxine Waters, and Cynthia McKinney.

If you want to support the party of Gary Condit, Robert Torricelli, Marion Berry, Ted Kennedy, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

If you want to support the party of James Carville, Paul Begalla, and Terry Mcaulife.

If you want to support the party of Jim McDermott who said on Iraqi soil that our President would lie to get us into a war with Iraqi.

If you want to support the party of David Hawpe, Betty Winston Baye, and Courier Journal.

If you want to support the party of CNN, NPR, and the New York Times.

If you want to support the party of Bryant Gumbel, Phil Donahue, and Peter Jennings.

If you want to support the party of Barbara Streisand, Rosie O'Donnell, and Whoppi Goldberg.

If you want to support the party of Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, and Harry Belefonte.

If you want to support the party of Barney Frank, Ellen Degeneres, Sandra Bernhard and Janet Reno.

If you want to support the party of Barbara Walters, Maureen Dowd, and Geraldo Rivera.

If you want to support the party of Gloria Allred, Gloria Steinem, and Patricia Ireland.

If you want to support the party of the NAACP, the NEA, the AFL-CIO, the Trial Lawyers, and the National Organization for Women.

If you want to support the party that stood by Robert Torricelli through massive bribery revelations and then only dumped him when they realized they could fool the people of NJ into electing him again.

If you want to support the party that touts former KKK member Robert Byrd, who voted not guilty in the Impeachment trial of Bill Clinton after saying publicly he was clearly guilty, as its wise protector of the constitution.

If you want to support the party whose definition of 'courage' during Impeachment was Joe Lieberman who chastised Bill Clinton on the floor of the Senate for which he was rewarded with a V.P. nomination, even though he voted not guilty on all counts.

If you want to support the party that did not have ONE member of the US Senate vote guilty and only a handful of members in the house cast a vote to indict during the impeachment process of Bill Clinton.

If you want to support the party that thought that selfishly defending Bill Clinton was worth putting the country through a year of hell in which nothing got done and Osama bin Laden was able to roam free.

If, after the corporate accounting scandals and the burst of the Internet stock bubble that Bill Clinton's economy was still the best ever and that he was responsible for it.

If you believe that government knows how to spend your money better than you do, think you are not taxed enough, think that achievement should be punished more than it already is and you want this country to continue or accelerate its march towards socialism.

If you believe people should be treated differently based on their skin color, gender and sexual orientation.

If you think it is good for the country to divide citizens and foster mistrust and hatred on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, and economic status all for political gain.

If you think that blacks who succeed should automatically suffer the presumption that they benefited from their race and have sold out to the 'white man.'

If you believe that Christians like Kentucky Doctor David Hager should face extra scrutiny when it comes to holding a position within the governmental health organization because they believe in prayer.

If you believe that qualified pro-life judges should not even be allowed to be voted on even when a 99 year old US senator is promised a vote for a judge from his home state on his last day on the job.

If you want trial lawyers to have more power to promote frivolous lawsuits and defend violent criminals for their own selfish financial gain.

If you think our educational system needs more liberals overseeing it.

If you think the war on terrorism needs more liberals fighting it.

If you think our nation would be safer and more powerful internationally with more liberals in charge.

If you don't like the principles of freedom, equality of opportunity and the punishment of those who violate the rule of law, under which this country was founded.

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