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Answers to Questions About War With Iraq



Author Unknown but apparently brilliant.


Tired of those Stupid Liberal Soundbites about the impending war against Iraq? Here are some handy
snappy answers! Use them often!

The United States is taking unilateral action against Iraq!
So far, it's a 90-member worldwide "unilateral" coalition

We are in a rush to war.
An 11-year rush?

Tough inspections can disarm Saddam Hussein without invading Iraq.
France inspected Germany for 11 years after WWI, too.

We should let the inspectors finish their job.
We did. They didn't. We will.

Why fight? The Iraqi military is weaker than in 1991.
Precisely! That is why Saddam wants to use terrorists to use his biochemical weapons.

There's no proof of weapons.
Haven't you heard? Saddam admitted that they forgot about some VX? He has either been lying or he is not
a very good keeper of deadly toxic agents he uses
regularly on his own people. And we know he hates us
more than his own people.

If we invade, Saddam Hussein might use those weapons of mass destruction against us.
Oh, those weapons you say he doesn't have?

But terrorists might attack if we invade Iraq.
Oh. so if we don't attack Iraq, terrorists will never
strike again?

We shouldn't go to war without a UN resolution.
Another resolution? What about the last 16 resolutions?

We don't have a real declaration for war.
It's called "Joint Congressional Resolution #114."

We are giving $20 billion to Turkey. We could use that money at home to protect our borders.
We ARE enforcing our borders beginning in Iraq.

If North Korea has nuclear weapons, why aren't we invading them first?
Patience. First things first! They will get theirs.

European leaders are against the war.
The Reichstag wasn't attacked. The Grande Place
wasn't attacked. The Kremlin wasn't attacked. And
the Jerry Lewis Lifetime Achievement Museum wasn't
attacked. America was attacked. And besides,
except for the tantrums of France, Belgium and
Germany, only three European nations aren't willing
to defend freedom. The entire rest of Europe is with


The French don't support the war.
Oh, did they surrender already? Jacques Ch-Iraq will
have to get his campaign money elsewhere. France
will have to find somewhere else to sell their weapons.

Germany objects to this war.
Germany objected to Reagan's "attitude" towards the
Soviet Union. Of course, they objected to our presence
in 1943 as well.

Belgians are against the war.
They are doing the same thing they did to cause the
League of Nations to leave their country. Some things
never change.

Polls show Europeans are against this war.
European polls show Europeans do NOT believe their
freedom was achieved by American blood shed on their
beaches and battlefields, either.

We should build a coalition with our friends.
We have.

What if we don't win the second UN vote?
Ask the families of the 3000 who died on 9/11. They
are mostly Americans, by the way.

War will cost billions!
So.how much is YOUR city worth?

But the UN is the world's most respected governing body.
Not as respected as the US military.

America has always waited until enemies attacked.
Not true. The first time was at the shores of Tripoli
when Thomas Jefferson was President. We won
that one, too quickly, decisively, and with very little
bloodshed, because we acted quickly.

President Bush says he's willing to violating the 1976
executive order forbidding assassinations of foreign
As soon as the ink is dry on rescinding that idiotic order,
will someone please pull the trigger?

Many Senators don't support Bush
Most do, and those who do not are complicating the
whole thing and endangering America and our
troops in the meantime.

Tom Daschle says George Bush has a "credibility gap"
Tom Daschle ignores the facts, too.

These problems didn't happen under Clinton.
Actually, they did. Now President Bush will clean up
Clinton's mess.

But Clinton didn't start a war.
Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia were picnics I suppose?

Bush 1st should have taken out Hussein in '91.
That 1991 UN resolution forbade a march on Baghdad.
But liberals rewrite the truth and history to suit their

Millions of peace activists are demanding we stop the war.
Millions of Iraqi's are begging for us to start the war.

Thousands of innocents will be killed or injured.
That's a lot less than Hussein is killing right now.
(Of course, there's only one man that needs to be killed.)

Young Americans will die in battle.
Would you prefer they die in skyscrapers?

Protesters have genuine objections to war.
Where were they for Bosnia, Serbia, and Iraq when
thousands were being slaughtered?

People are coming from all over the world to act as
"human shields."
Actually, most have left because Saddam dictated
where they could assemble and where they could
not assemble. Do you think he did it because they
wanted to assemble in front of a hospital that was
being used as a barracks?

This is about American Imperialism.
So which country do we own? What nation sends us
their tax dollars? If America was imperialist, we'd already
own the entire world. Who could stand in our way?

This is Blood for Oil
Yes, and the blood is from the Iraqi people tortured,
starved and killed while Hussein builds massive
palaces to hide nuclear weapons, all financed with
Iraqi oil, sold to France, Germany, and Russia.
Iraq owes Russia $8 billion. They cannot afford for
Saddam to be brought to justice.

This is a racist war.
America happily endorses a multicultural attitude
towards anyone who dares to take away our freedom.
Regardless of race, color or creed, we hunt them down
and kill them.

A U.S.-led invasion of Iraq is a great recruiting tool for
Have fun recruiting people back into oppressive misery
after they have enjoyed their first taste of freedom.

An attack on Iraq could seriously undermine and
destabilize Arab nations.
Destabilize the region? The sooner we topple these
oppressive 14th century terrorist regimes the better.

Are we prepared for a multi-billion dollar occupation?
Were we prepared to liberate Europe and Japan in 1945?
South Korea in 1953? Grenada? El Salvador? Kuwait?
The Eastern Bloc? Afghanistan? Nations always love
Americans when we rescue them from tyranny. The
price of freedom is never free.

Polls show Americans are more concerned about the
threat from al Qaeda than from Iraq.
It's NOT a war against Al Qaeda. It's NOT a war
against Iraq. It's a war against Terrorism. Any
country supporting terrorism needs to be changed to
peace-loving democracy. One nation at a time.

American opinion is against the war.
No, it's not. A majority of Americans want to fight now,
not later.

According to a recent poll....
You know what? Screw those polls. We're in a war against
terrorism. If you don't want to fight the murderous bastards,
get the hell out of the way. Go visit Paris, or Antwerp, or Berlin,
or Moscow, or Bagdad. And stay there. Forever. But this time,
don't call us when the heathens are at the gates.

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