Editorial by John Ziegler

JZ's Similarites Between Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton


Here are just some of the many ways that Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton are remarkably similar..

-- Both have been indicted.
-- Both have been accused of having sex with a person without their consent and with numerous people they shouldn't be having sex with.
-- Both have paid off sexual accusers in civil suits.
-- Both have genitalia that has been described as having unusual characteristics.
-- Neither is likely to have had much sex with their wife.
-- Both seem to like to blow things.
-- Both have duped millions of African-Americans into loving them.
-- Both have tried to act like they are from a different race.
-- Both are really good at getting others to lie for them.
-- Both have overrated talent and are past their prime.
-- Both are media darlings.
-- Both have brothers that they want nothing to do with.
-- Both created large organizations to deal with sexual accusers.
-- Both choose their victims very carefully.
-- Both are willing to destroy/intimidate their victims to keep them quiet.
-- Both feel subconscious guilt about what they are getting away with, which causes them to take greater and greater risks of getting caught.
-- Both like the thrill/challenge of getting away with their behavior.
-- Both enjoy the fact that when they are accused it forces their fans to show their love/affection for them.
-- Both have fooled enormous numbers of people, though not the majority.
-- Both appear to be amoral.
-- Neither has been convicted of any crime and probably never will be.


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