Editorial by John Ziegler

How & When To Call Into The John Ziegler Show


Every radio talk show deals with callers in a different manner. Here is how the John Ziegler Show handles them.

Most of the topics I talk about will not include me making a direct appeal for people to call in to comment on what they have heard.

That does NOT mean that your calls are not welcome! It only means that if you want to react to anything you have heard that you must do it quickly and have a very strong opinion (it would be much better if you disagree with me) or a factual clarification/correction to bring to the table. Unless we get a really good call that fits this description before I change topics/stories I will usually just move on.

On other occasions (on average once or twice a show) I will ask a direct question of the audience and give the phone number. On these occasions it is my intention to use at least one segment taking phone calls on that topic/question. How good the phone calls are will determine (usually, along with what else is going on that day) how long I spend taking them.

We treat phone callers to the program VERY well. In fact, I will often talk to callers off the air, especially if I am anticipating them not being able to get on, so that they are not made to wait for an extended period only to be disappointed.

All we ask of people who call the show is that they have something to say, pay attention to when they are put on the air, begin speaking as soon as I say "you're on KFI with John Ziegler," and get directly to the point. Also, please only call on the air once a week.

The bottom line is, if you have something to say, don't hesitate to call!!

The number is 1-800-520-1KFI or 1-800-520-1534

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