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What The John Ziegler Show Is All About


What the John Ziegler Show Is All About

With all of the talk shows there are out there, it is increasingly difficult for any particular version to be much different than all of the others. After all, human beings have now been talking for thousands of years. Is there really all that much left to be said?

The John Ziegler Show does not claim to reinvent the spoken word. Rather, it is the goal of the show to present perspectives in a way that will both entertain and provoke thought in a credible manner. Often that means that the listener (if they are paying attention) will end up hearing something said in a way that they had never heard before. Hopefully, over time, the listener will think, laugh, feel, react, and experience the full range of what it means to be human, all while becoming reasonably informed of the news of the day.

So how do you describe the John Ziegler Show? Like most good talk shows, that answer can only come from knowing about the host..

At his best, John Ziegler (that would be me) tries to provide elements of Rush Limbaugh without the massive ego, drug addiction, or inability to rip Republicans, Jon Stewart with the ability to be serious, Bill Maher with some depth, Adam Carolla with some restraint, Tom Leykis with credibility, Bob Costas with height, Dr. Laura without the nagging or nude photos, G. Gordon Liddy without the felony conviction, Bill O'Reilly & Chris Matthews with manners, Glenn Beck without the pandering and preaching, and Larry King with good hair, decent clothes, adequate preparation, an active conscience, and the ability to ask a difficult question (and no marriages).

This does not mean that I am some sort of 'Robo' host who was born to do the perfect talk show (however, I will say that my many bizarre life experiences certainly have made for some great fodder). I fully realize just how very flawed I am and, on occasion, will even do shows that highlight one or more of my many foibles. As long as it makes for interesting radio I honestly don't care (all that much) how bad it makes me look.


The underlying premise of the John Ziegler Show is that, thanks to its socialistic leanings, incompetent media, eroding moral foundation, aging demographics, and undereducated masses, the United States, as we know it, is doomed. In my view, we don't know how much longer we still have to enjoy it, so we shouldn't waste precious moments constantly worrying or complaining about it.

However, because not everyone in this country is yet convinced of this seemingly obvious reality, the show does see merit in pointing out or documenting the demise of our nation and will take great pains to do so. And because most everyone can agree that there is value in attempting to delay the sinking of the Titanic as long as possible, whenever feasible the John Ziegler Show will attempt to do its part to plug whatever holes in the ship that it can.

With that said, the show realizes that, no matter successful it (or anyone else) may be in slowing the downfall of our society, the final outcome is still pretty much inevitable, so we might as well have a good time watching the place fall to pieces. In short, on the John Ziegler Show, we know we are all doomed, we aren't happy about, and we would like to do our part to change that or at least slow the process of decay, but we are resigned enough to reality that we aren't going to let it ruin our day (at least not every day). So while we point out all of the ways this formerly great nation is going to hell in a hand basket, we will try to have a much fun as possible.

The key to the John Ziegler Show is that I am almost completely real. Nearly every show begins with the credo, 'This is the show where the host says what he believes and believes what he says.' I do not make up my opinions or exaggerate my stories simply to stir the best debate on that particular broadcast. While it may take a while for listeners to be totally convinced that this is indeed true, those who give the show a chance will find themselves trusting me completely (for better or worse), even when they vehemently disagree with my opinions.

To this end, and because I feel an obligation who takes their precious time to listen to my show, I make these solemn promises to my audience....

Unless for the purpose of irony or humor, I will never make up an opinion this is not based on how I really feel (if anyone ever finds me contradicting myself there will be a handsome reward in it for them).

I will not restrict my opinions for fear of personal repercussions, except those that may directly cost me my employment.

I will never talk about a topic unless I feel that I have something to add to the public discussion.

I will not accept doing a boring show just because there is not much happening in the news.

I will never get a big head or become delusional about how significant me or my opinions really are (or are not).

I will not fire upon a caller or a guest until fired upon (and then watch out!).

If I make a significant factual error and I am made aware of it I will make every effort to correct myself and admit the mistake.

I will read every e-mail sent to me and attempt to return as many a possible.

I will do everything in my power to make sure that at least once an hour the listener hears something in a way that they had never (or at least rarely) heard before.

I will do the best show I can do every single night.

As the John Ziegler Show continues to evolve your comments and suggestions are always welcome. I very much appreciate your support.

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