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OUTRAGE! Fox TV To Broadcast "Interview" For O.J.'s "Confession" Book

In a story with several layers of outrage, Fox TV will broadcast a two hour "interview" with O.J. Simpson that is really nothing but a commercial for his new book "If I Did It," in which Simpson finally "confesses" to the murders. The interview will be conducted by Judith Regan who is also the publisher of the book and whose company is owned by the same one that owns Fox!!

Regan Books is located in Century City at 10100 Santa Monica Blvd (10th Floor) and the phone number of their managing editor (Cassie Jones) is 310-228-6250. Her e-mail address is

Regan Books is part of Harper Collins Publishing. They can be reached at 212-207-7000. Their CEO is Jane Friedman. She can be e-mailed at You can also try It appears that Judith Regan herself has changed her e-mail address and we are trying to figure out what it is.

Fox TV's central number is 310-369-1000. The numbers for the LA Fox affiliate (Channel 11) are 310-584-2000 and 310-584-2005.

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