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John Ziegler to Co-Host New Local TV Show!!

On Tuesday February 4th at 7:15 pm John Ziegler and Leo founder John Yarmuth will begin what will hopefully be an exciting and unique new TV show, the likes of which Kentuckiana has not seen.

The show, entitled "Yarmuth and Ziegler" (we decided to go with age before beauty) will air once a week as the second half of WAVE 3 TV's 7pm newscast. John and I will face off on several of most interesting local and national topics of the previous week.

The new show will start on Tuesdays and the move to Thursdays after the SEC tournament.

I hope everyone will be able to tune in (and tell a friend about) this show so that it will have every chance to be a success.

Don't forget....Tuesday night at 7:15pm on WAVE 3 TV.

John and I will also make brief appearences on WAVE 3 TV Monday night during the 7pm newscast and around 6:45 am on Tuesday morning.

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