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JZ Returns After Weather Creates Moral Dilemma At US Mid-Am Golf Championship

John Ziegler played in the United States Mid-Am Golf Championship in Bandon Dunes, Oregon this past weekend. He shot a more than respectable 4 over par 76 in the first round and was still in contention to make the final 64 (out of 264) for the match play portion where the winner goes to next year's Masters. In the second round on Sunday some of the worst golfing weather immaginable hit the area and John Ziegler made double bogies on each of the first three holes. Ziegler recovered to finish the first 9 holes 7 over par, but then play was called for the day.

This created a huge moral dilemma because Ziegler had already agreed to attend/host several KFI related events on Monday at Lake Arrowhead just outside of Los Angeles. It was either finish the tournament (with a realistic, though remote chance of reaching the 8 over par cut line) and betray his promise to the Lake Arrowhead events, or withdraw from the tournament a lose any chance at reaching a life-long dream. Ziegler decided to keep his promise and drove 2 and half hours to make a 6 am flight in Eugene to barely make the 11 am tee time in Lake Arrowhead with three KFI listeners who had won a contest to play with Ziegler.

Thankfully the three listeners were great guys who really appreciated the event. This took a lot of the sting out of having to withdraw from the tournament. Unfortunately, when you withdraw from a tournament like this, it is almost like you never even played in it. Below is the last remaining internet evidence that Ziegler even participated at all. Since the second round was never completed, it was wiped from the record.

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