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JZ Announces He And KFI Are Parting Ways

John Ziegler sent this message to the mailing list tonight. Expect more specific information to be released soon.

This mailing is to alert you that tomorrow night's program (Tuesday, November 13th) will be my final show on KFI.

My four years on the air at KFI have been filled with many extraordinary and memorable moments, but for many reasons it is clearly time for that period in my life to come to an end. While I am have extremely mixed thoughts and emotions about this reality, I am positive that it is the best result for my physical and mental health. I am also hopeful that it is the best for my career as well.

About the only thing I will miss about the show (other than the pay check) is getting the chance to share my views on the news with you and the many other listeners who have appreciated the program. I thank you for giving me that privilege to be a small part of your life.

One of the many reasons that I am leaving KFI at this time (the decision is truly mutual) is that I have been hired to produce a documentary film on a topic that I am sure you will be interested in. It is due out next year and I will be providing you updates regarding that project as well as anything else that may come up via this mailing list.

While I appreciate the sentiment, please do not bother contacting KFI to complain about this development. It will not change anything and only be a waste of your time.

I will be in contact when I have something of importance to share and I hope you do the same.

Feel free to check out for updates.

All the best John Ziegler

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