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"Yarmuth and Ziegler" TV Show Canceled

The Yarmuth and Ziegler TV show on WAVE 3 is being terminated immediately. This was contrary to the written agreement (among several that were made in recent months) that we had with WAVE 3 to take the show further. We had also been given the strong impression that the show would be expanded moved to Sunday mornings, but there are currently no longer any plans to do that.

One of the many rationales given for this decision was the fact that I have been interviewing at a radio station in Los Angeles. However, I do not have a deal there as of yet and it is quite possible that one will never be done. I would have loved to have continued the show and believe that it was an excellent program. WAVE also felt that it was a great show, but that it was too "divisive" for their purposes and they were concerned that I would leave for another market very soon.

With that said, I wish to thank WAVE 3 for taking a chance on the show in the first place and for their initial support after my firing from WHAS. While I am very disappointed in how this has finally ended, in comparison with how WHAS handled things, WAVE 3 could have theoretically acted far worse than they eventually did.

I also wish to thank John Yarmuth for being such a great friend on and off the air. I have never enjoyed doing anything in the media more than that TV show and it was largely because of him. I guess it shows that not ALL media people or ALL liberals are scumbags.

Thank you also to all of you who expressed your support for the program to WAVE 3. Even though it didn't create the final result that we would have liked, I know that you did make quite an impact. I doubt very seriously that there is another 15 minute TV show in America that illicited the type of support/reaction that this one did.

If you would like to see some of the more recent shows, they are still available at:

Frankly, at this point I have no idea where I am going next or what I am going to do. I will however do my best to keep you updated. Eventually I may even have some news that doesn't suck!

Below is a link to an article in the CJ in which WAVE 3 gets away with misleading about the nature of our agreement and the CJ writer, once again, does not even bother to ask me for comment.

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