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Darcie Divita Sues John Ziegler and Clear Channel

Former Fox in the Morning host Darcie Divita sued John Ziegler and Clear Channel today over comments made by Ziegler on WHAS on August 22nd of this year. The comments in queston lead to Ziegler's firing on August 27th.

John Ziegler released this statement about the lawsuit:

"To call this lawsuit frivolous is like saying that the Courier-Journal and Ben Chandler were happy to see me fired from my radio show. It is a MASSIVE understatement.

I sincerely hope that Darcie is not being sucked into this lawsuit by another attention-seeking attorney. As a public figure who talked about our relationship in great detail on various media, she has no legitimate claim and will not receive a dime in her case.

I look forward to being completely exonerated when/if this lawsuit is ever ajudicated."

Below is one of the many stories that appeared in the local news regarding this lawsuit.

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