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Paul Patton Finally Admits That John Ziegler Was Right

Over one year after John Ziegler said that Governor Paul Patton was lying about favors he did for his former mistress, Patton has finally admitted that what Ziegler said was indeed correct.

Patton has reached a settlement with the Executive Branch Ethics Commisson just hours before both he and Tina Conner were to testify before it.

The settlement calls for Patton to pay a $5,000 fine and be publicly reprimanded by the Executive Branch Ethics Commission, which is woefully inadequate.

Under the settlement, Patton formally admits to charges that he improperly intervened to help Conner obtain disadvantaged business status for her construction company and to help obtain a promotion for a state vehicle enforcement officer who was a friend of Conner's.

Though the Courier-Journal fails to point this out in their article about Patton's admission, Patton had lied about about both of these charges on numerous occasions and it was only John Ziegler who called him on it, saying from the beginning that it was obvious that Patton was guilty of these charges which were at the heart of the scandal. As it turns out, to the surprise of no one with an independent brain cell, he was right.

Here is a link to the Courier-Journal article on Patton's settlement.

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