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Man Who Got Howard Stern Off Clear Channel Goes After John Ziegler

Jack Thompson, the man who complained to Clear Channel about the show which allegedly got Howard Stern taken off of Clear Channel stations, has now targeted the John Ziegler Show for extinction.

Thompson appeared on MSNBC's "Scarbough Country" with John Ziegler and apparently didn't like the experience. After Ziegler referred to him on his radio show that night as a "Jack off" and criticized him for listening to Stern hoping to be offended, Thompson wrote the following, highly inaccurate, letter to Ziegler's bosses and to the Chairman of the FCC.

March 2, 2004

Greg Ashlock

Regional Vice President and Station Manager

KFI AM-640
610 So. Ardmore Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90005 Via Fax 213-380-8364

Re: John Ziegler, At It Again

Dear Mr. Ashlock:

I appeared on MSNBC's Scarborough Country this past Thursday evening to discuss what I called "The Passion of the Anti-Christ," because I'm the delightful constitutionalist (someone who actually understands the Constitution as framed and interpreted by the courts) who turned Howard Stern into Clear Channel by submitting a transcript to your network's CEO John Hogan of Stern's over-the-line show last Tuesday. On the other side of this issue, for MSNBC, was John Ziegler. How appropriate.

I have a friend in the Los Angeles area who heard John referring to me on his next day's KFI broadcast Friday evening to me as "Jack-off," etc. I believe some of what he additionally said might be defamatory and thus actionable. As you know, John has a history of this type of behavior. He is presently defending, as is his prior Clear Channel employer, a lawsuit arising out of his inability to control himself. Clear Channel fired him for that. Then your Clear Channel station picked him up. Not a very steep learning curve here, despite the "new normal" since the Super Bowl and the Love Sponge fines.

Therefore, please provide me with a copy of Ziegler's two shows that aired Thursday night and Friday night, respectively, on KFI. I will pay reasonable copying costs. Also, please tell me right away who the station's lawyers are so that I might speak with them.

I'm serious about this, more serious than Mr. Ziegler is about being a responsible broadcaster. Clear Channel has this guy on its air at great risk. I am quite sure that Mr. Hogan, who did his contrived perp walk last week before Congress, understands how serious this is. The tapes, please. Jack Thompson

Copy: John Hogan, CEO, Clear Channel, John Ziegler, and the FCC

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